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Woodstudio to Recycle Wood and Skill India

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Help me setup an environmentally sustainable scrap-wood woodworking studio and school.





Kishore Singh

About the Fundraiser

The Story So Far

Namaste! I am Kishore Singh , a graphic designer from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. About four years ago I took up woodworking as a hobby, and over these years my hobby has turned into my passion. Now, I am dreaming to take it to the next level.

Jodhpur has long been the hub of wooden handicrafts manufacturing in India. The over one-thousand manufacturing units here produce a large quantity of scrap wood. Typically, this scrap wood, from trees that take decades to grow, is sold off as cheap firewood.

Scrap wood being burnt and reduced to ashes.


As a hobbyist woodworker I am in love with the beauty of wood. To me, its stunning grain hides a lot of history within it. I can almost feel it when I run my fingers on its silky smooth surface. I felt terrible that such a valuable material was simply being burnt. So, I decided to put it to better use by exclusively using scrap and reclaimed timber for my woodworking projects.


One mans trash is another mans treasure.


I am a self taught woodworker, who works out of a small woodshop on the terrace of my house. The internet and YouTube are my best friends, and have steadily fuelled the spark within me for learning woodworking. I blog about my creations as and when I find time, and am reasonably active within the Indian hobbyist woodworkers’ community. One of the flag-bearers of this community, a venerable woodworker and blogger from Delhi, Mr. Indranil Banerjie, ran a contest on his blog some time back. My entry, a scrap-wood trestle table, was graciously adjudged the winner of this contest.

As I get only Sundays to practice my craft, I try to leverage that time to the fullest. A critical component in doing that is the use of power tools, and I have acquired many over these years. However, this has also meant spending almost all my saving in pursuing my passion. So far I have spent close to Rs. 3,00,000 on tools and Rs. 1,50,000 on material (scrap-wood and consumable hardware).

But that has not deterred me from following my heart. In fact, I now dream of being able to take up woodworking in a much bigger way.


The Vision

My vision is to set up a woodworking studio with a singular purpose of promoting this craft with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices.

Some of my scrap wood creations. More on my Instagram.

My studio will work exclusively with scrap and reclaimed timber, and work towards breathing new life into this wonderful natural material through skill and innovation. I have already designed and made a number of pieces that transform scrap wood into beautiful and functional furniture. However, in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing I need to expand its scale by setting up a more professionally equipped workshop.

At the same time, I wish to run a woodworking school out of this studio to help hobbyists and professionals alike.

For Hobbyists

  • I plan to offer weekend woodworking classes.
  • Students will only pay a nominal amount towards material and consumables.
  • There will be no charge for my time as a teacher, and the use of all the power tools and equipment in the studio.

For Professionals

  • I plan to upskill the local workers employed in the Jodhpur handicraft industry.
  • Key focus will be to teach them the correct use of power tools, with an emphasis on safety.
  • I wish to act as a bridge between them and the world-class knowledge that I have access to through the power of the internet.


The Appeal

One of my friends has generously permitted me to use a piece of his land to set up my studio. I need to spend on some basic civil work to make the bare piece of land suitable for the workshop - an estimated Rs. 3,00,000. I also need to invest in professional woodworking machine tools - table saw, band saw, jointer, thickness planer to name a few. This needs an additional investment of Rs. 4,00,000. This takes my total capital requirement to around Rs. 7,00,000.

As such this is a great challenge for me to overcome by myself. So, I humbly ask for your support to help me realise my vision, by contributing to my crowdfunding campaign.

To show my gratitude to everyone who backs my campaign I shall

  • Send them one of my hand crafted wooded picture frames.
  • Offer them the weekend woodworking class with an 80% discount on the fee.

Not everyone gets a chance to follow their heart. I am daring to take a step in that direction and I need all the help and support I can get from all of you. So I appeal to you to help me in my little endeavour to Make in India and Skill India!

Thank you.

Kishore Singh 


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