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Let It Wag

About the Fundraiser


Let it Wag is a unique initiative about which a true passionate Animal Lover would have certainly dreamt of while trying to save/help an injured/helpless stray animal in need. This platform will connect you to a relevant person/resource in real time and also help you do the following :-

For Animal Lovers & Stray Animals

  • Rescue Stray Animals
  • Find Lactating mother for unfortunate babies
  • Find Foster Homes
  • Create your local animal lover community
  • Raise funds for strays
  • Report Animal Abuse
  • Find a suitable Transport for Animals to help them reach nearby hospital/vet clinic
  • Find a  Blood Donor for animals
  • Find/report missing animals
  • Find nearby vet available in real time

For Pet Owners

  • Find nearby pet owners
  • Make your own local pet community
  • Create Pet Events
  • Get Events Information

For Adoption

  • Find an animal for Adoption nearby
  • Get an animal adopted
  • Generate an adoption document agreement


There are close to a million strays in India. Daily there more than 100 stray accident cases occurring in India. The actual figure will be much more.  Most of those poor furry animal die because the help couldn't reach on time. There are issues in transporting the injured due to lack of transportation/ambulance for animals.  The NGOs and Animal Welfare have limited capacity and are scattered as well, due to which its becoming very difficult for any person to help the strays in distress.

 It all started with me successfully saving a poor dog that once met with an accident, but only 4-5 hours later. That incident put me into a deep thought. Why was it so difficult to get immediate and genuine help despite being surrounded by way too many animal lovers?

This gave birth to the idea of ‘Let it Wag’.

‘Let It Wag’ helps you when help is most needed, in an Emergency. It immediately connects you with nearby area-specific animal lovers in real time for rescue purposes. I am sure all animal lovers eagerly wait for this nirvana moment. Saving a furry friend’s life.

We are ready with a beta version of the app which will help you do the following :

  • Connect with nearby animal lovers for stray animal rescue
  • Adopt/help someone adopt an animal
  • Generate an ‘Adoption Document’ which is a document of understanding between 2 parties- Rehoming Family/Individual and Adopting Family/Individual.

Features in process :

  • Create a local community of animals lovers,
  • Find nearby pet owners in your area
  • Raise funds for feeding, medical cost , hospital bills, ambulance transportation,etc.
  • Find foster homes
  • Find a lactating mother
  • Find a blood donor for animals
  • Find local transport for animals to take them to nearby hospitals/vet clinics
  • Find nearby vets
  • Report animal abuse
  • Report missing animals


Our team loves challenges and we have the capability to overcome them as well.

We are certain about a couple of major challenges.

First one being funding. Initially, we at ‘Let it Wag’ will require continous financial support for establishing our animal resources and rescue services. Once completely established, it will smoothly run on pilot mode.

Second challenge will be getting all city-wide (eventually nation-wide) genuine and active animal lovers onboard.

The sole aim of our team at ‘Let it Wag’ is that no animal should suffer due to lack of timely support/help.



Crowdfunding is an excellent example of how small initiatives are worthy of making significant changes. An app like ‘Let it Wag’ will work best when passionate like-minded animal lovers support its cause, wherein small monetary contributions will go on to make a huge impact in saving a furry friend's life! A noble task indeed!


60% of the funds will be used for app development and the remaining will be for the app infrastructure.


Adopting a well bred furry friend and giving them your love and shelter is no doubt a noble task. But how about saving a stray/homeless furry friend from danger? ’Let it Wag’ helps you do just that! Go ahead, be that messiah. Save a life!




  • Get set go

    by Let It Wag on August, 16 2017



    Hello Folks,

    We are thankful to you for showing support and love for the cause. Happy to announce that we are ready with our 1st version of the app which can be used to save your furry friends.

    Download the app from the Playstore and give us a feedback.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!


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