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This Diwali, spread the gift of Light to 100 homes

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This Diwali gift light to those who live in absolute darkness!





Chirag Rural Development Foundation

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Project Chirag is a youth initiative and India's youth have a passion for change. For this project we are proud to partner with 3 dynamic, young girls to light up the lives of 100 families this Diwali. We urge you to support Noorie Chowdhury, Saumya Dedhia, Saakshi Notani, and the Project Chirag Team in spreading joy, love and light beyond our own homes this Diwali. 


Let's join hands to give 100 families the gift of light this Diwali!





There are over 306.2 million individuals in India that do not have access to electricity. A large number of these people live in villages and over 75% of them are below the poverty line. The project aims to benefit those inbitants of these areas that have no access to light. 
Throughout detailed assessment of the rural areas of Maharashtra, Project Chirag has a deep understanding of the challenges and problems faced by rural India due to lack of electricity. It is not just dark and light: the lack of access to light has a 360 degree inpact on the lives of rural India. 


Due to inadequate light, villagers end up consuming a number of small insects and flies which result in villagers suffering from a number of illnesses. There have also been cases of villagers being bitten by snakes due to not being able to see the floor as they walk. Kerosene lamps, used by villagers for the purpose of light, emit high levels of carbon dioxide and black carbon causing air polluntion higher than WHO guidelines. The inhalation of these toxic gases is deter-mental to the health of the rural population. 




A child’s after school work is not seen as a priority when light is needed to feed the family. The lack of electricity and light and the high costs of kerosene limit most households to only a single lamp. The lamp is used for cooking and other household chores. As a result, students are required to help around the house and are unable to study post sunset, which in turn impacts academic results.






Villagers buy around 5-6 litres of kerosene per month for the purpose of lighting kerosene lamps. The kerosene is to be available to them at a subsidised rate of `10 per litre through government ration but due to leakages in the system, they are forced to buy it at an increased price of `30 - 40 per litre - a significant amount of their annual income. Despite this cost, the kerosene lamps emit a poor quality of light. One kerosene lamp is not enough to light up an entire home, keeping major parts of the home in complete darkness. There are existing dangers of burning kerosene lamps overturning and children drinking kerosene on accident as a result of not being able to decipher liquids in the dark. This has even been responsible for deaths in some cases.




Lack of lights results in loss of productive working hours as the villagers are forced to stop work and return home at dusk. Shopkeepers find it hard to cater to customer requirements after sunset due to the lack of adequate lighting in the shop. Farmers are unable to prevent wild boar and stray cattle from encroaching fields during the night due to the inability to survey these fields in the dark. This results in the loss of agricultural productivity.




To us, the answer is simple: solar power. Once installed, solar powered lights are free, clean, and give constant light to a rural house. Project Chirag is working to provide solar powered lights to every off-grid rural house in India. 


Furthermore, differently abled individuals have formed an essential part of the project value chain. The model of solar lights installed in the Thane and Palghar districts of the state of Maharashtra are assembled by this community. In this way, Project Chirag is able to help one community empower another, thereby enabling a socio-economic transformation.


Project Chirag works with grassroot level NGOs and leverages their on ground presence and connect in order to make the process of village identification quick and efficient. The partner NGOs play an important role in surveying the area in which they operate and identifying villages with no access to electricity. The Chirag team will personally install each light in the rural villages, with support from driven youth like our campaigners.


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