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Our streets are overpopulated with animals not at their fault but our own, help them at a chance for a better life.


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Our streets our overpopulated with street animals, not because of their fault but our own. A lack of civic sense has surely led to dirtier streets with more garbage giving animals a chance to breed and survive. But while they've growing in number, their welfare has not been looked after! 

All too often do we face cases of animal cruelty in various forms including hit & run cases and ill-treatment or brutal deaths of these animals. The only humane way to deal with this problem is through a controlled sterilisation programme - that has been one of the PRIMARY OBJECTIVES with us at Like A Dog & we're reaching out to all you animal lovers, lovers of a better world, lovers of a better community where animals and humans can co-exist harmoniously. 

An organised and planned sterilisation drive can bring down the street dog population drastically over time leading to better care for the animals as well as the unfortunate who dwell on the streets. This project, our third crowdfunding initiative, is built to benefit not only our community animals but our community overall. 

We pledge to sterilise a minimum of a 100 dogs in and around Kolkata if our target is met all thanks to your kind & generous support and belief in our work. If we overachieve our target (like our previous Ketto campaign, thanks to our supporters), we will continue to focus on the sterilisation programme with these funds. It is also important to add that we map all our work and target specific areas while doing such drives to ensure the impact is long-term & have successfully conducted some sterilisation drives in extremely overpopulated areas in Kolkata. 




About Us: 

Like A Dog is an animal welfare community based out of Kolkata, West Bengal founded in 2014. Over the last four years, we have successfully administered over 5,000 anti-rabies vaccines, sterilised over a 100 dogs & conducted several outreach & educational programmes that we believe will lead to lesser animal cruelty & more knowledge on animal behaviour, diseases and ways to deal with a crisis. 


(The experts doing the deed during our vaccine drives)

(Outreach Programme to educate the locals)

We have self-funded our anti-rabies programme and continue to do so. We also manage the outreach programmes and provide resources to our team of volunteers to conduct such programmes with the locals. We aim to continue our efforts in organising, mapping and analysing our data to ensure our work is done in the most optimum way. With technology and its growing benefits, we are also developing an application that will help us do the same and increase our efficiency and impact. 

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to put forward our cause & look forward to your constant love, support & generosity for the welfare of our community animals!

(A day on the streets during a vaccination drives with our furry friends)

(The Like A Dog family (or at least most of them) during a drive!)


Here's the links to our social media & website, feel free to get in touch for any support, suggestions or to simply say hi!:



Instagram Handle: likeadog_lad


Website: www.likeadog,org









  • The Like A Dog Team in Action

    by RESHMI SENSHARMA on July, 14 2018



    A few snapshots from our last anti-rabies vaccine drive in Chandi Chowk area in Kolkata.

    We encountered so many dogs in a highly populated area, just a reminder that sterilisation has become key to ensuring these dogs live a healthy and safe life. 

    Hope to see our goal achieved and our furry friends saved!

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  • Drives to sterilise and vaccinate.

    by RESHMI SENSHARMA on June, 28 2018



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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