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Annapurna trek for children with cancer.

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The goal of this campaign is to raise as much money as possible to help kids with cancer get quality treatment and care.






About the Fundraiser

I am raising funds to help children with cancer in India. All the money I collect will go to an organization called CanKids…Kids Can.

My dad’s cancer journey made me witness young children with cancer, many of who belong to families that are already burdened financially and the humongous cost of cancer treatment is simply something they cannot fathom to meet. The additional burden often makes them chose not to get treatment. This is where Cankids steps in. It provides such families with the support they need. But for them to be able to do such benevolent work, we need to empower them with our contributions.

Starting November 16, my childhood friend Vidhya, and I will do a week long trek in the Annapurna Mountains of Nepal. We want this trip to have wide spread benefits and therefore we have decided to associate it with the cause of helping underprivileged kids fight cancer. The goal is to raise Rs. 4, 00,000 as this is the average cost of treatment for one child. Can we all come together and help out one small child with cancer? ….because kids can’t fight cancer alone.  


CanKids...KidsCan is a registered charitable National Society, reflected in its 12A and 80G status under associated laws, dedicated to Change for Childhood Cancer in India. CanKids is a grass root level organization of over 300 people (volunteers and employees) and is the only not for profit organization in India that works on all aspects to enable best standards of treatment care and support services for children with cancer (age 0-21) and their families from moment of diagnosis through treatment and after - into survivor-ship on the one hand and palliative care, terminal and bereavement support on the other.

AIMS of the organization include:

*Providing best possible treatment and care; building bridges  between medical professionals and families; sharing information and  experience; accessing advances in treatment from around the world

*Providing and Facilitating economic support so that as few children  as possible suffer for lack of money

*Providing emotional and psychological support from diagnosis,  through treatment and beyond, including providing cheerful  environments at treatment centers

*Providing informal education to keep children in the habit of  learning through treatment and beyond

*Ensuring continuity of care as appropriate through relapse,  palliation or bereavement and loss

A lot of cancer patients travel from semi-urban and rural areas to seek treatment in the larger cities. They often cannot pay for housing and thus live on footpaths. Many kids undergoing treatment do not have 24x7 care givers as their parents need to work for their wages. Additionally, kids who have taken long breaks from school for cancer treatment can end up as dropouts as they are unable to cope with the curriculum they missed. To this end, CanKids...Kids Can has initiated 3 kinds of facilities:

1. Home Away From Home (HAH)

2. Prediatrics Pallitive Care Center

3. CanShala – education for cancer kids

CanKids is committed to providing holistic care for kids and parents, addressing all their needs.



  • Thank you all!

    by MINAL PAREKH on November, 30 2016



    Thank you all for all the love and support that you have shown for the CanKids organization. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. 

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  • New Home away from Home at Adyar Chennai

    by MINAL PAREKH on October, 21 2016



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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