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About Be. The Solution

Be. The Solution, a homegrown hygiene brand, powered by a vision to ​enable the Indian women in her everyday life. Our brand strives to make a woman's routine convenient at the workplace and at home and to provide a pleasant user experience through healthy ingredients, elegant fragrances and beautiful packaging. We want to empower women to use the healthiest daily hygiene products available and at the same time improve hygiene standards of women and girls in India. We contribute 5 percent of the net revenue for hygiene awareness and sanitation initiatives for women and girls in rural communities. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the rural and urban communities. Powered by Ador Group's manufacturing experience, Be. The Solution offers consumers a variety of daily hygiene products ranging from Toilet Seat Sanitizer to Hand Sanitizer to Sanitizing Wipes to Body Mists and more.

The current situation in the schools of Lucknow

Its early morning and Savita, a class IVth student in a Primary School in urban Lucknow can be seen finishing off her household chores in a hurry. She fetches water from the near-by hand pump and helps her mother, a domestic worker in cooking. She then rushes to her school along with her younger brother who studies in class IInd. Children like Savita are certainly having to face a lot of challenges with no fault of their own. Hailing from extremely poor and marginalized families of urban Lucknow, these children have to fetch water for daily needs from nearby water sources and finish other household work (especially girls), before commencing for school. Their struggle does not end here. In primary school like Savita's for example, all of 155 children (74 boys, 81 girls) are supposed to sit and study in a single room and there is no toilet facility in the school. Imagine what these children do when they need to use the toilet.Even where toilets exist, they are not connected with the water-points meaning that the children have to fetch water if they are to use the toilets (which in many cases are in dilapidated conditions)


“There is no proper toilet or drinking water tap in our school. We often have to look for private spaces in the open for loo during school hours”, says Savita*.
“We girls, avoid going back home to use the toilets, as we are then involved in household chores, in turn missing out on our studies and school hours.”, adds Savita.
One can well imagine what happens if children have an upset stomach, this means not only do they have to walk back home, they also miss school that day, if they choose not to defecate in the open.
Here is the  approximate costs to alter this dreadful situation. Please donate to this fundraiser and help these children get access to the most basic needs an individual have. Your contributions would go a long way in furthering education and hygiene in such deprived places. 
*The names of people and places have been changed to protect identity.


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