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Nagendra Singh Tomar is a 28 year old young man struggling to stay alive. In 1998, the young man came to the big city from his village, hoping to make a mark for himself by building a strong, sustainable career. When he was placed as a labour manager in 2004 with a well known construction company, he thought his life was set.

Eight months into his job, he one day felt dizzy and collapsed into a 14 foot concrete pothole. He was unconscious for 10 whole minutes after which he woke up, drank some water, put on some ointment and carried on with his work. Being uneducated and underprivileged, he not once thought of visiting the hospital and India’s lack of safety procedures allowed the construction company owners to not follow up on his case.

However, in 2011, Nagendra began to suffer with severe nosebleeds. He visited a local hospital where he went through dozens of tests and one surgery over a period of ten months only to be told that his brain had suffered severe damage as a result of his fall 7 years ago. His nerves had began to knot up and the doctor informed Nagendra that his case was now beyond his control.

The doctor, Nagendra states, was crying as he told him that any more surgeries may result in Nagendra losing his life, whereas a lack of surgeries would definitely make him lose his life. Nagendra pleaded with a heavy heart, however the doctor turned him away.

By 2012, Nagendra then went to another hospital, where he had five surgeries. A few months later, Nagendra began to notice that his skin was rotting away and his vision was beginning to blur. A few weeks later, he could no longer see from his left eye and his scalp began to form dents since it was literally corroding away.

Nagendra has since been unable to visit a doctor due to lack of funds. In 2011, he lost his job at the construction company as a result of his health problems. He has no family to support him and the young man’s life is at risk if he does not receive the help he so urgently needs. He has spent all his savings and sold all his property and now has no income or savings to invest towards saving his life.

In 2011, over a period of just a few months, a long forgotten accident came to haunt Nagendra with a force he can no longer reckon with. Please help us keep Nagendra alive because this young, kind man deserves a chance to a long, healthy life. We’re afraid that if he does not receive the adequate medical attention in time, he will lose his life.



  • We need your Support Once more!

    by Make Love Not Scars on March, 29 2017



    First and foremost, a Huge Thank you for supporting our campaign!

    While our work never stops, we need constant support from people like you, be it through donating, volunteering or even good wishes. Your support for our campaign has gotten us well on our way to achieving our goal.
    The center will be set up in Delhi and will be the first of its kind. All acid attack survivors are welcome, currently 15-20 survivors where they will get medical support and necessary skills for employment opportunities basically a platform to rebuild their life.
    Now once again we need your support in creating a Rehabilitation center which will provide a safe haven and an efficient support system for acid attack survivors. Just a few days are remaining in reaching our goal; kindly support us by clicking on this link:
    Any donation, in any currency, small or big will help create a safe haven for the acid attack survivors. We need your help! :) `` `

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  • Thank you for your support!

    by Humans of Bombay on May, 18 2016



    Hello everyone, 

    Here's a message from Nagendra for all his supporters

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    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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