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Meet the 23-year-old trapped in the body of toddler

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Manpreet may look like a toddler but he's actually an adult. Looking at his small body frame, swollen palms, feet and a big face with saggy skin, it's impossible to tell he's a 23 years old boy.


His condition remains a mystery without a real diagnosis, mainly because of the exorbitant cost that his rare condition demands - a staggering Rs. 5 lakh. The doctors in India are baffled by his condition and are unable to come up with a proper diagnosis of the condition. Scientists believe that Manpreet could have Laron Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that is believed to have affected just 300 people across the globe, whether it’s a true is a question without an answer.


Manpreet is nothing like a 23-year-old adult. He's often seen snuggled in his aunt's lap while he's spoon fed. He can only speak in monosyllables like maa (mom) and mama (uncle). With time, he has learned how to communicate in gestures. He can laugh, scream and cry but cannot continue a conversation. He was recently taught how to shake hands and greet guests that come home so he excitedly tries to befriend whoever comes home.


He was born in 1995 in Mansa, Punjab. He was a healthy child at birth but before he could start to walk and talk, his growth suddenly stopped. His father, who was a small-time farmer foresaw a financial problem and sent him to the care of his uncle and aunty.


While he is treated like a star and an incarnation of God by the locals there, with people following him like a star every time he steps out, the problems his family goes through go unnoticed. His aunt and uncle are constantly worried about his future. The family has been consulting doctors in the metro cities but his condition has not improved in any way. The doctors have said that they need to do a proper investigation of his condition before being able to diagnose his condition.  


Manpreet’s uncle and his son are both drivers who barely make enough money to run the house. Manpreet requires a medical investigation to get to the root of his condition so an appropriate treatment option can be worked upon.


Manpreet cannot do anything independently because of his condition. His aunt and uncle have to look after him like just like a 1-year-old. What’s terrifying to their family is that how he’s going to continue to be a toddler without any medical help. Their family needs help to afford this treatment. “We don’t have enough funds to take him to a better doctor or hospital. We appeal to the kind people of the internet to help us raise funds for Manpreet's treatment,” said Karanvir, underlining the cost of the investigation and preliminary treatment would be around Rs 5,00,000.


You can help Manpreet lead a normal life by donating to his fundraiser on Ketto.



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