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Astitva- Building up a braver tomorrow

Charity Acid Attack Victim

Project Jazba of Enactus Miranda House brings out the true meaning of love.





Enactus Miranda House
  • Help acid attack survivor earn livelihood!

    by Enactus Miranda House on April, 03 2017



    Soniya was a professional beautician when attacked with acid in 2014. She recently featured on a TV show, where tennis player Sania Mirza helped her with money for her surgery.

    “My family isn’t financially stable. All the money has been exhausted in my surgery. I stopped undergoing corrective surgeries as I want to become a famous beautician. After surviving the acid attack, I opened a parlour at home, where my neighbours were my customers. But I don’t want to limit myself,” says Soniya, adding, “I want to employ others too... Not just acid attack survivors, but also the victims of domestic violence.”

    When the students decided to help Soniya, they thought of working on a business model as part of Enactus, to empower the acid attack survivor. “We conducted a survey to know if people will like to go to a a salon, which is run by acid attack survivors and received a positive feedback because all they were interested in was quality services. This gave us the courage to go ahead with our plan,” says Dindi Padi, another Miranda House student, who is associated with the project.

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  • by Enactus Miranda House on February, 23 2017



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

"I have dreamt to fly, and acid cannot corrode my dreams", says Soniya. She is a fighter who fits perfectly into the tales of heroes and what sets her apart, in her own words, is, "I stood up and that's why I am different".


Acid attack victims are scarred for their entire lives in a flick of a second by their jealous counterparts, be it society, family, their so-called better halves or mere roadside romeos oblivious to the physical, mental harrassment accompanied by social shunning; ruining the survivors not just physically and emotionally but also snatching away their hopes and aspirations to "live" a life.
Enactus MH is trying to help Ms. Soniya Choudhary, a survivor, who was ravaged by an acid attack but did not give up on her dreams of being a beautician, working in her own salon.
She has been trained as a beautician at Shehnaz Hussain Institute and practices this art by making people around her look as beautiful as they could ever be!
We at Enactus Miranda House, through our Project Jazba, aim to shelter this spark for Sonia and fuel it into a full blown flame that shall stand as an inspiring example of an entrepreneurial enterprise, successful despite humongous odds. 
Through our business model we plan to establish ASTITVA - a salon which will entirely be run by Sonia, thus enabling her stand on her own feet.
ASTITVA will also act as a entrepreneurial shelter for other keen acid attack survivors who would be willing to hone their interests in the similar field.
We are setting our target as : Rs.1,50,000 that is the minimum requirement to set up the basics for a salon.
Our initial investment would be as follows:
-Interiors(including furniture, style stations, cabinets and reception desk)- upto Rs.60,000.
-Products(make-up, cleaning, hair etc) - Rs.40,000 - Rs.50,000. 
-Equipments(billing machine, blow dryers, curling iron, flat iron etc)- upto Rs.40,000
Our team hopes that you'll consider supporting her, and donating for this noble cause thus doing your bit in every way you can - for she is brave and she is beautiful, and we count on you for her sake.



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