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MISSION EVEREST 2017- Soldiering On

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We are climbing Mt. EVEREST to raise awareness & funds for 'Differentially Abled Soldiers' of the Indian Armed Forces.





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About the Fundraiser


Mission Everest – 2017 is the name of our Everest expedition, scheduled for the upcoming spring season.  While our first expedition attempt was cut short by the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, and the massive avalanche at The Everest Base Camp, we feel extremely lucky to have been spared the worst of it, and are proud that we stayed back, and provided some much-needed support in the rescue and relief efforts on the Khumbu glacier, in the weeks that followed. Though it has taken us a while to recover from the financial impact and the loss of resources, the year 2017 will see us determined as ever, as we launch our next expedition to the Top of the World - the summit of Mount Everest.





We have always believed that an expedition like this should be about much more than climbing a mountain.  Last time, we had dedicated our climb to the SHERPAS, the community that has made our entire experience in the Khumbu region possible, through our SOS-Save Our Soles Campaign, where we collected and distributed trekking shoes, to sustain their means of livelihood while trekking in such harsh conditions.  This Expedition has been aptly titled ‘Mission Everest-2017 – Soldiering on’ in light of our recent experience, and is dedicated to saluting the spirit of resilience and unwavering persistence in the face of adversity. We could not think of an organization that mirrors this sentiment better than our Armed Forces.  Through this mission, we therefore intend to focus our joint efforts in creating awareness and raising funds for our soldiers, especially those who have sustained injuries in the line of duty.


In this quest, we join hands with ‘The Queen Mary’s Technical Institute [QMTI] for Differently Abled Soldiers’, the only institute of its kind in the country.  This remarkable NGO has dedicated the last 100 years to rehabilitating and training disabled soldiers and in 2017, the institute proudly celebrates, its Centennial Anniversary titled as HRUNN (Support Disabled Soldiers).  To commemorate this incredible achievement, we aim at dedicating this expedition to our Soldiers and to the QMTI by carrying the Indian Flag, and unfurling it at the very Top of the World, on the ‘Summit of Mt. Everest.’







Like all Non-Profit Organizations, ‘The Queen Mary’s Technical Institute’, requires tremendous support to continue its exemplary work. With Mt. Everest standing at an incredible height of 29,035ft above sea level, our endeavor is to make a minimum contribution towards this cause, equivalent to 10 times the height of Everest. In addition, the brand ‘Mission Everest-2017’, will be synonymous with QMTI’s Centennial Anniversary Celebration - HRUNN, with the banner being showcased at the various Everest Expedition camps during the course of the expedition. We aim at creating awareness about the incredible work undertaken by QMTI in our documentary web series, titled MISSION EVEREST-2017, soon to be released on YOUTUBE.  The Institute’s name AND logo will appear alongside the Expedition Logo in presentations at public speaking engagements, social media posts and the Expedition Final Slideshow, thus enabling us to create awareness for the Institute.



Your contribution will help us get one step closer to the summit of Everest.  The cost to run an Everest expedition is over INR 60 Lakhs.  In our endeavor to climb Everest, we have already been able to raise half the funds. The money raised from this campaign will be instrumental in purchasing the Oxygen Cylinders used by the climbing team, which will help cover the last kilometer to the summit of Everest. Of the Funds raised, we make a minimum commitment of 20% towards ‘The Queen Mary’s Technical Institute for Differently Abled Soldiers’.


Having been denied the opportunity to fulfill this dream, we are even more determined to make this a reality and set foot on the Top of the world.




HEADLINES TODAY ( 27th April 2016)






  • Mission Everest 2018 - A New Year, a New Beginning

    by sauraj jhingan on November, 17 2017



    Thank you so very much for all your incredible support and encouragement.  Our endeavor to reach the summit of Everest, even though experienced a temporary setback in 2017, has not deterred us from making another attempt in 2018.  Your support as well as the words of encouragement you've shared with us make us more resolute in our determination in our quest.  We still stand by what we've said and our commitment to our beliefs, to you and to QMTI.  As we begin our preparation for Everest – 2018, your ongoing encouragement and support will always be deeply appreciated. To follow our journey, you can like / follow our facebook page - or email us at

    As a trailer for the adventure to come, we’ve put together a small montage of our Everest Saga titled, “MISSION EVEREST 2018” :- 

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  • One Lakh Corporate Sponsorship direclty to QMTI

    by sauraj jhingan on February, 22 2017



    Thank you all so very much for your incredible support.  It is our pleasure to announce that through our small efforts of trying to raise awareness of QMTI, Darashaw & Co. Pvt. Ltd has made an extremely generous contribution of 1 Lakh Rs directly to QMTI.  On behalf the entire Mission Everest -2017, thank you so very much.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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