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Help this father treat his 9-year-old daughter who was raped. Please donate.

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Help a father help his daughter






About the Fundraiser

About the father:

A daily wage worker's daughter was playing carefree in her village. This 9-year-old was naive and cheerful. She was lured by a stranger with chocolate and was taken to an abandoned area. She was raped brutally because of which she suffered many injuries including ruptured intestines.

The little girl managed to flee the incident, but her condition only worsened. As a result, she had to undergo colectomy surgery and all parts of her colon were removed. Although the doctors in Ranchi stopped her bleeding, she carries a colostomy bag now. Dail her father takes her to the hospital which 4 km far from their home for the dressing of her wounds. 


Why does he need funds?

We are raising a small amount because 

"The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions."

While thousands of people are marching for reservation, this poor village doesn’t have proper transportation. Her father cannot afford a bicycle and hence he walks with his little girl in his arms to the nearest health centre. The treatment is hampering their financial conditions as he cannot work on a regular basis anymore, but he believes his daughter’s health is his first priority now.

The father says with no remorse,

“I am unable to go for work as this is my priority. We have exhausted whatever in the name of savings we had. Rather we are deep in debt now. God knows how many more days we will have to suffer like this. I wish a doctor could come to my home and dress the wounds of my daughter, but that’s a dream for us.”

Maybe he will buy a bicycle, bike or decide to utilize the funds for his daughter's treatment. 



We shared this man's story and soon people started approaching us asking how they could help the family. People could connect to the father's pain who is trying hard to give his daughter a life she deserves. Despite lacking the necessary resources, he has the will to get his daughter proper treatment and ensure that she is happy.

If given proper resources, this man whose is heartbroken every time he sees his daughter in pain, will be able to afford quality treatment and travelling to the hospital to get her treated completely.



We have teamed up with Ketto to indentify NGOs that work in neighborhood area to verify the bank details of the father. Be rest assured, Ketto & Storypick will utilize its network to make sure that your money goes directly to the verified bank account of the father.

In the meantime, please contribute in saving a little girl's life who has suffered enough for her age and deserves to live a normal life like other kids. 

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Thank you


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