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When we run contests, we try and pick up as many calls as we can, yet many go unanswered, so for one to get through On Air, is a big deal.

One such lucky contest winner was Nikita Shukla, a third year law student at GLC, currently living at a hostel in South Mumbai. When Nikita came to claim her prize at Radiocity, she requested to meet RJs (as listeners sometimes do) So I met her a few weeks ago. Nikita is completely blind. Something her parents were not very excited about and wanted to get her married right after high school. When Nikita refused and insisted on studying further, she was asked to leave the house. Broke and without plan, Nikita bought a ticket to Mathura and was about to leave the city, when her friends convinced her to stay back.

But how much money can college students contribute?

Enough for her to pay her fee little by little. She's borrowed from friends, sometimes kind professors even. A few small scholarships. But money was not enough to afford the luxury of three meals a day. For 3 years, Nikita has been surviving on only dinner. 20 a month. The hostel fee paid in one go, gave her 20 free dinners a month, and thats what she would eat All this while, scoring about 80% on her exams.

Nikita didnt come to Radiocity to tell me her story. She just came to collect a prize, but agreed to go on the record when i asked.

  • I will be live on Twitter in 10 minutes!

    by Sucharita on July, 26 2017



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  • 140 characters. 3000 people. 6 days.1 life changed

    by Sucharita on July, 25 2017



    I'd like to thank all the amazing people who came forward and donated for Nikita's dream of becoming a lawyer. 

    Come join my conversation with Ketto on Twitter tomorrow ( 26th July, 2017 )  at 4: 30 pm to know how I raised over 9lac for her with the power of the crowdfunding. 

    Follow: @ketto @su4ita

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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