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Nitesh NEEDS to go to the USA, but this trip is a matter of his life. Your contribution can save a young man


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Nitesh Prajapat
  • Towards positivity & love !!

    by Nitesh Prajapat on October, 24 2017



    The past two months were filled with a feeling of disdain. No matter how hard I tried to overcome it, I found it to be challenging beyond measure. After landing in USA for treatment and visiting around 7-8 hospitals across the country for clinical trials, it was disheartening to see that there were no slots available. Failure seemed to be staring right at me. 

    Since June’17, I have lost around 20 kgs due to lack of appetite, burning mouth-ulcers and other chemotherapy side-effects. The latest scans conducted on 29th September showed new tumours in my right lung as well. Considering how aggressively the disease was spreading, it was not a good sign. More so, I went on to lose my voice temporarily due to the abnormal location of a tumour in my paratrachea.

    My current treatment is taking place at USC, Los Angeles and chemotherapy medicines have changed from (FOLFIRI + PANITUMAMAB) to (FOLFIRI + AVASTIN + MARAVIROC). After the last 2 chemo cycles (18th & 19th) I feel a lot better and have even gained 4 kgs in weight. My next scans are due in first week of Nov'17 and hoping for the best this time with your prayers and indefinite support.

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  • The fight is on !

    by Nitesh Prajapat on September, 08 2017



    Dear friends! 

    You have helped me make a headway into my treatment. 

    Your support has gotten us this far. I had landed in the USA to start my treatment at MDACC in Houston, Texas. But unfortunately, due to Hurricane Harvey, the facility was inundated and we had to go to California instead. We are now trying our best to secure appointments at Stanford University, University of California San Diego and the University of Southern California. With the help of input provided by experienced patients, we have narrowed down upon well-acclaimed doctors who would be in a position to guide us in the best way possible. 

    I am thankful to you for standing by us. This journey is a long and tedious one, and we are thankful to God for having you by our side.

    My heartfelt regards for giving me a second chance at life.

    Nitesh Prajapat

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

Nitesh, a bright alumnus of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Calcutta is battling with final stage metastasised cancer. He was diagnosed with Stage III cancer in 2016, and recent scan report shows a development of 12 tumors in his bilateral lungs, pelvis, and abdomen. 

While doctors in India have shown less hope of recovery, Nitesh has been advised clinical trial as alternative treatment, which is only possible in USA for Nitesh's case. For someone from lower middle class family, the estimated cost of USD 500,000 is impossible to bear, and so we have come to you. 

Who is Nitesh? And what happened to him?

Eldest of all the siblings, Nitesh was the sole earning member of the family and was working hard to improve the family’s lifestyle and to provide for his brother’s education.

Nitesh’s life turned upside down when he was diagnosed with a Cancerous Tumour at Stage-3, almost an year back. Nitesh and his family, after the initial shock, were prepared to give a tough fight against the disease. His will to live was financially supported by his friends, family, batchmates and alumni of IIT and IIM, who helped Nitesh bear the initial cost of the treatment.

Nitesh, since then has been giving a tough fight against cancer, and to say the least, is very inspirational!

Until recently..

Nitesh, along with his treatment, recently completed his MBA degree from IIM-Calcutta and got happily engaged to his friend from the campus - Dimple Parmar who had been a strong support throughout his treatment.

Just when we all thought Nitesh had won over cancer, his post treatment scan of June’ 17 showed that the disease had metastasized to lungs, pelvis and other abdominal areas - a total of 12 tumors.

As we write this campaign page, Nitesh is undergoing his advanced chemotherapy. He has fought this earlier but the only difference this time is that the Indian doctors have shown less hope of recovery and this calls for immediate action to go to USA for further treatment. The life expectancy at this stage ranges from a few months to a few years.

What now?

Nitesh has been recommended for a clinical trial and immunotherapy as an alternative treatment. As per the prognosis, further treatment needs to be carried out in the USA. The cost of the treatment is expected to be around $ 500,000 (INR 3.19 Crore). 
“Being a lower middle-class family, arranging for a big amount all of a sudden has come like a shock. Unfortunately, I also do not have medical insurance to take care of any expenses”, Nitesh says.

For Nitesh and his family, this cost is realistically impossible to bear. However, this young, bright chap is determined to live, deservingly so. The amount is big, however, we have immense belief in the power of people. Your contribution can give Nitesh a second chance at life. We urge you to contribute your part to the campaign.

What can you do, if not contribute?

You can spread the word. Forward the link to your friends and family, give a shout out on Facebook, broadcast it on WhatsApp, tweet out to your followers. If you know of any foundations that could support us in any way, it would be a great help if you could put us in touch!

Let’s come together to save Nitesh. Because everyone deserves a second chance. 

In case you want to transfer directly to the account, please find the details -

A/c No: 20013291246



Branch: Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 

IFSC Code: SBIN0004129  

MICR Code: 302002019

Paytm: 9971493694 (Gautam Prajapati)

You can access all his medical reports here: Nitesh Medical Reports 


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