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Let's Gift Education to 16 Northeast Orphan Girls

Charity Women Empowerment

Join our efforts to give these abandoned and neglected children a hope for better future this upcoming New Year 2017.





John Hingkung

About the Fundraiser


This upcoming New Year 2017, let's gift education to these abandoned and neglected children and change their future.

Like most of us, it saddens me to learn about the situation of these 16 orphan girls.  Some of them have discontinued their studies due to unable to pay for their monthly fees at the Assam Rifles School, Maram Bazar, Senapati District in Manipur.

These children have been getting free education since 2010, under the kind patron-ship of Colonel Polash Choudhary, Commanding Officer (CO) of 5th Assam Rifles. But after his transfer, the new school administration have discontinued their monthly fee waivers since March 2016.  

The orphanage run by P.K. Women Society is not only struggling to make their day-to-day ends meet but also unable to come up with school fees as they don’t receive any government funding grants or other charity aid. Most government schools in the area are non-operational or shortage of qualified teachers. So any alternative arrangement is really out of options. 

The names of Children

1. Sunita Govinda - Class III

2. Kula Sani - Class IV

3. Lungnila Rangpung - Class IV

4. Ningchui G - Class IV

5. Sanga L - Class IV

6. Teresa Luihing - Class V

7. Rabecca Talu - Class V

8. Pungroila Hingba - Class V

9. Pungroila Kesii - Class V

10. Gaping L - Class VI

11. Tarula Psii - Class VII

12. Ngatala Luikang - Class VII

13. Lawtsalu G - Class VII

14. Rana L - Class VIII

15. Tarula Kabi - Class VIII

16. Alice Hingpa - Class VIII

This tribal region in the north-eastern part of India is also vulnerable to human trafficking. In the past, many young girls and women were trafficked to Delhi, Tamil Naidu, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for prostitution and forced labours.  


Most of the orphan girls belong to Maram Naga community, a primitive tribal group (now called Particularly vulnerable tribal group) as classified by the Indian Government. There are only two primitive tribes in the entire Northeast India.


Get involved to ensure that their dreams for education are not taken away from them. The children’s home is voluntarily run by Raina P.K, who did her Bachelor of Social Work at College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan (University of Mumbai) and later got her Master of Social Work degree from Vimala College, Calicut University (Kerala).

Before returning back to her native place in Manipur and setting up the children’s home for kids, whose parents are either divorced or have been affected by poverty and armed conflicts in 2009, Raina PK has worked with CHIRAG (Community Health Initiative and Research Action Group) in Mumbai, Apex Voluntary Action for Rural Development (AVARD), Kerala and Prodigals’ Home, Dimapur (Nagaland).


Let me provide the following information for transparency purposes:


1. Why are you doing this?


I've been actively working for the welfare of Northeast Indians for many years now. In 2013, my blog site was launched to promote the travel, culture and lifestyle of the Northeast region. And this is the first time that I am using an online platform to raise fund for the underprivileged in the region.


2. Your relationship to the party you're raising funds for?


I am raising funds on behalf of the registered NGO "P.K. Women Society" located at Maram, Senapati district in Manipur. My contact is Raina P.K who is the orphanage warden there. We began talking about coming to do some volunteer work a few weeks ago and this is the culmination of those talks.


3. How the funds will be spent?


We plan to pay for their school fees, food, clothes, study materials (books, pencils), medical bills, furniture and general maintenance as we see it’s needed when there. Also, improve their access to drinking water, electricity, and solar lamps.

As for their long-term sustainable monthly income source, we also plan to buy two handloom weaving looms and equipment so they don't have to depend again on donors.


This requires a fund and we need your help. We cannot do this alone and so we encourage you to join our efforts to save these little girl’s lives.


Thank you for making your donations, it really means a lot and is a great opportunity to do a good thing for people who deserve a better life.


Spread the word #OrphanGirls2017 and let's help change the future of these precious children! 


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