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Donation for fodder (bhusa) for injured cattle

Charity Animal Welfare

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80G Tax Exemption Certificate Available

People for Animals Agra is an NGO which runs a helpline to reach out to injured strays on the streets of Agra





People For Animals Agra

About the Fundraiser


We are in that time of the year when we have to buy fodder for the cattle in our shelter, for the whole year. If you all are following us for sometime on Facebook, you already know the type of work we are doing and how your donations are being put to use. Everyday through our helpline, we get calls for injured stray animals. Currently we have approx 40 cattle in our shelter under our care. At any point in time we have around 150 strays in our shelter in total - all have to be looked after and fed. In this fundraiser, we are asking you all to help us collect enough donation to buy fodder for our cattle for the whole year, so that we can be sure that they don't go hungry due to lack of food. On the roads they eat polythene or out of garbage, but atleast when they are in the shelter, they should feel secure and get proper food. We have to buy atleast 6-7 trolleys of bhusa (fodder) which costs around Rs. 2,50,000 ( ~ EUR 3670). Please help us make sure that our cattle has enough to eat the whole year round.


Please donate and share our fundraiser on your facebook so that we can reach our goal and make sure we have enough fodder.
Please Note: People For Animals is a registered Trust in India and all donations are entitled to exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 INDIA.? Once we receive your donation, all Indian citizens will receive an electronic receipt to claim their tax exemption.


Here is a small video of how we try to help them, one at a time:








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