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UR/Unreserved - Help us spread Platform 1

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Help us take our Platform 1 sharings of identities to more people around the country.






About the Fundraiser

Our project is a  collaborative effort by Anish Victor - Theatre Practitioner, Maraa - A Media & Arts Collective in Bangalore, Help Foundation - Srinagar, Macbeth Drama - Assam & Innerspace Little Theatre - Kerala; which is focussed on the formation and realities of identities in the country. 

How are identities shaped? Is the formation of identity largely based on negation? For example, to be a man one must not ‘behave’ like a woman. Why do identities stick and persist? Should identity be limited to frameworks of conflict? Are there other ways to read it?


UR/Unreserved is a 30 day performative journey on trains. Bangalore-Dhemaji-Srinagar-Irinjalakuda-Bangalore. Eight performer-facilitators travel through 12 sleeper coaches, 4 unreserved compartments, and reaching 10,000 people for 30 days across the country. The attempt is to engage fellow passengers, TTE, vendors, cleaners in a sharing of stories. Stories, that re-imagine individual journeys of identity- one that is both universal in understanding and deeply personal in experience. Our work will be infused with games, tricks, and songs that will be performative in nature - designed to create a space for conversation that does not easily dissolve into binary confrontations. 

Platform 1 

The consequent question is ‘what do we do with this work’?

Platform1 is an inter-disciplinary arts festival that marks the culmination of UR/Unreserved. 

In Platform1 we will attempt to create a reflective and responsive (as opposed to interactive) space containing elements of performance, image, sound, and sketches.

Through elements of performance, image, sound, and sketches. Through this we will invite people to experience and share facets of identity formation and expression.

The space being imagined is fluid - at times viscous, and at times mercurial; at times, solemn and at times light. It is a space that is alive, where performers as well as audiences can partake and determine the pace and direction of experience. The people free to wander, stay, or move on.

To best represent the content of the happening and the intention of providing people with an experience that is varied and fragmented, we imagine parts of it outdoor while some parts of it take place in a closed space.

As we intend to reach out to diverse publics the work will be designed for all ages. 14 artists will anchor each sharing, which will roughly run for an hour to 90 minutes and any given day is likely to feature at least 3 happenings in the same venue. The actual timings of the Platform1 will vary from place to place as it will depend on the availability of audiences. For instance, we may have late night happening to enable migrant workers to join us after work.

Additionally, we will be making a special effort to reach out to schools and colleges. We are happy to offer workshops for the young adults as well.

Our project is a quiet resistance. A gentle defiance of the single story, a refusal of the stereotype.

Our wish is to find different perspectives of and around identities and share them as widely and publicly as possible. Our tone of inquiry will be gentle and playful, yet provocative.


We are already underway having finished our chapter in Dhemaji. Our train rides from Bangalore to Guwahati, Guwhati to Dhemaji raised questions about the spaces identities occupy, the roles we assume or think we have to assume and the means by which we attach meaning to our identity - physical or abstract. These experiences were transformed into aspects of our performance sharing - Platform 1. 

In Dhemaji, we performed 9 shows - each show attracting and average of 200 to 250 people. That is 2250 people in 4 days. Our venues were focussed in public spaces for the most part. Open village fields, colleges and schools. The average demographic of our audience encompassed mainly children, young adults, young families, farmers and workers. We sang songs together, we danced with each other, shared conversations with each other and shared our own poetry with each other (audience included). We now have a momentum on our side and are trying to make full use of it. 

Unfortunately to maintain this momentum and fulfil our goal of reaching as many people as possible requires a little bit of funding. We have 47-50 shows planned. That is, over 10000 people we plan to reach. Each show will cost us about Rs 5320. Money we currently do not have. Our request is this. Please help fund these sharing that we plan to take around the country. Help us reach as many people as we can as we travel. Help us use these Platform 1 performance sharing to engage with the masses on a question that is central to this country today. Please adopt a Platform 1.

About Maraa

Maraa is a media and arts collective based in Bangalore and Delhi. Founded as a charitable public trust in 2008, our work is centred around a political yet creative practice across three domains - strengthening people-centric media platforms, democratising usage of urban public spaces and deepening rights based campaigns. For us, the dimensions of labour, gender and sexuality, caste and class cut not only across but also deeply inform and shape all the work that we do. To know more please visit

About Anish Victor

Anish Victor is theatre worker currently residing in Bangalore. His work has been guided by the belief that the arts can go much beyond its own sake. He has designed and facilitated theatre processes for diverse people and contexts – ranging from children, teachers educational institutions, lawyers, and even a radio station. With UR/Unreserved he deepens his association with Maraa, a Bangalore based media and arts collective. To know more please visit

To know more about the project visit our website and kindly like and share our facebook page



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    Audio clip

    One of our initial learnings on this project was to see with our ears. We extend that invitation to you with this package. The audio clip will be a small compilation of the sounds that we have found interesting during the journey.

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    Estimated Delivery: Dec 2017

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    Photo Postcards

    The places we are travelling to are more than beautiful, with warm people and great food! Some of these experiences will be captured on camera. A set of which will be included in this package.

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    Poetry Booklet by 8 Performer-Facilitators

    This package includes a collection of poetry written by our 8 performer-facilitators from the 4 states in at least 4 different languages. These poems have been written based on their personal experiences during the project's journey.

    Estimated Delivery: Dec 2017

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    Illustration Postcard by Parmita & Poetry Booklet

    Parmita has been documenting the journey through various sketches and illustrations which have been featured on our facebook page, instagram and various other mediums. This package includes postcard based on one of these illustrations & the Poetry Booklet

    Estimated Delivery: Dec 2017

    This campaign has ended!

    UR/Unreserved Book & All other rewards

    This package includes a signed copy of the the book documenting the entire UR/Unreserved journey, from our orientation to our final performance. The book shall be a collection of the experiences of the 14 artists as they make their way through the country.

    Estimated Delivery: Dec 2017

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