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Say yes to dialogue. Say yes to peace.

Charity Peace

Your support enables us to create a culture of peace, starting with children, parents and teachers.





The Prajnya Trust

About the Fundraiser


One child at a time. One teacher at a time.

A child’s world today is fraught with emotional landmines. Bullying. Belonging. Competition. Failure. Victory.

Switch on the TV. What does your child see and hear? Violence. Conflict. Shouting matches. Family dramas.

What does your child make of this?
How does she feel? Confused or scared?
How does he respond? With anger and tears?
And how does that make you feel? Like a helpless bystander?

With Prajnya’s peace education, we can teach our children to respond differently to the world around.  
To not respond with fear or anger. But to engage in dialogue.
A way of life that creates peace.

Will you give Rs 4,000 to ensure that our children learn peace?

Your donation of Rs 4,000 will go towards one school.

Your donation will

  • Transform classrooms and generations of citizens by teaching dialogue, inclusion and diversity
  • Help a child imbibe peaceful values through folk tales, myths and local literature
  • Encourage critical thinking to understand bias in media and our ways of thinking
  • Ensure that our children grow up with the mental and emotional capacity to engage with the world in a peaceful manner

Say yes to peace today. Make this investment in your child’s future.

Rs 4,000 to support one workshop in one school
Rs 25,000 to support one school all year
_______________ any amount of your choice.

Every single bit counts.


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