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PRJA is a people-powered political force which aims to work towards Peace, Development & Conflict Resolution in Manipur





Peoples Resurgence and Justice Alliance
  • Thanking all our supporters with our Manifesto

    by Peoples Resurgence and Justice Alliance on February, 23 2017



    We at #PRJA are thankful to all of our supporters. We are overwhelmed at the support we received from all over India and Indians all over the world who believe that 'Honest Politics' is possible and came forward to build it. 

    As much as we are grateful to our new donors the majority of which comes from the most Progressive political experiment in India in the form of AAP and its volunteers, we are also grateful to the people who had donated since the start of the campaign and showed trust and believed in us. 

    It is because of you all we have overachieved our target. 

    Rest assured this is a movement which we have initiated in Manipur and from here on it will only thrive. 

    A promising thing for our supporters to show that we are serious about our 'Accountability & Transparency' principles, all the 3 candidates of PRJA signed an affidavit in front of an oath commissioner that they will be prosecutable and will resign their posts if they are found misappropriating any funds at their disposal may it be Local Area Development fund or any other. So we are not just morally binding, but legally too. Also, to bring in new level of transparency we will be updating expenditure of all the projects to every tiny detail of it on our website, so there is no hassle of even filing an RTI.

    We are a new movement in Making and we are grateful to all of you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us build it.

    On behalf of the complete team, I am overwhelmed and hopeful for an Equal, Just and Peaceful future to Manipur and thus all of India.


    Anand Mangnale

    Campaign Manager (Volunteer)

    PRJA - Peoples Resurgence & Justice Alliance 

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  • Official Nomination filing

    by Peoples Resurgence and Justice Alliance on February, 19 2017



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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About the Fundraiser

PRJA is a political and social movement with a mission to end conflict, corruption, and injustice in Manipur. When Human Rights activist Irom Sharmila ended her 16 years hunger strike against AFSPA, many youth came together to form PRJA with her. 

Once a peaceful homeland to 34 different ethnic tribes, Manipur today is on the verge of social and cultural collapse. This tiny easternmost Himalayan state bordering Burma once known as the “Jewel Land” is like a burning house today. 




HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS: 1528 documented illegal killings by civil and security forces. Supreme Court has ordered a probe. Rapes, disappearances, and violence against the peoples unreported and unaccounted.


UNEMPLOYMENT: 50% Youth Unemployment Rate. Out of the 28 lakhs total population 8 lakhs unemployed youth have been recorded. 

CORRUPTION: A government job (average monthly salary of Rs. 7,000) sells for Rs. 30-50 lakhs. Failure of meritocracy has led to massive drug and alcohol abuse among the educated youth.



CONTRACTORS POLITICIANS NEXUS:  Open unashamed loot of public funds by politicians and local contractors. The result is pathetic roads, bridges, and public infrastructures. Growing disparity of income; the powerful political class plunders, the people recedes back into the dark ages.


Number of Industries in Manipur? ZERO.

Democracy is auctioned in Manipur—the highest bidder wins

(1 VOTE = Rs. 2000 or more)

NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTIES: Interested in extraction of natural resources; exploration of natural gas and oil, and minerals (undisclosed amount of contracts awarded to powerful corporate groups). Their high commands in New Delhi dictate terms without consideration of local implications, or peoples’ aspirations. Dissenting voices are easily silenced or eliminated.



A Manipur plagued by constant ethnic division, violence, and unending eruptions. In 2016, Manipur had only 108 days which were "normal days." 258 days out of 366 days were Bandhs and Blockades. 



(1) Transparency and accountability on the part of those with a political mandate

(2) Leadership to collectively work towards establishing more humane policies

(3) Fostering a generation of youths and prioritizing paths for them to contribute in their communities

(4) Addressing regional disparity in development

(5) Erasing the gap between leadership and the peoples

(6) Conscious efforts to allow the resurgence of a collective consciousness

(7) Destroying unjust instruments that colonize our humanity and hateful narratives determined to divide our homeland


It demands a bold but a bloodless revolution. For more details visit




Irom Sharmila is a world renowned human rights and civil rights activist known for her struggle against AFSPA. PRJA derives its strength from Irom’s moral courage.


Erendo Leichombam is an educationist, and a youth activist. He has a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from Harvard University, Cambridge, and has associated with the World Bank, and UNDP as a consultant.


Najma Bibi is a Muslim Women’s activists, and has worked on issues of violence, women’s rights, and community conflict resolution for decades.


James Mayengbam is an entrepreneur, environmental activist, and a youth organizer.


Bowang Kho is a tribal leader. Previously, he was the president of the Students Union at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University. He is currently a community leader and is of Poumai-Naga descent and a devout Christian.



PRJA needs your support. Instead of relying on powerful lobbies and interest groups for funding, PRJA is going back directly to you, the peoples, to empower this movement. Even a small contribution can instill HOPE and DETERMINATION much needed NOW in Manipur. You can empower this movement. You can inspire PRJA! You can change Manipur!

Thank you!!




Visits to the remotest villages to mobilize the peoples for a better Manipur


PRJA team raising awareness


PRJA: Breaking barriers, and bringing all ethnic groups together in Manipur


@Manipur University. Youth will lead social and political awakening among the masses



PRJA Team talking to National and International media during launch of Ketto Crowdfunding



- Publish PRJA campaign materials

- Spread our message through TV, Newspapers, Radio and Social Media

- Hold meetings, rallies, discussions with the peoples



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