Project Bicycle Bank for Girl Child Education

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Distributing Bicycles to Girl Children to create a "Ripple Effect " in furthering Education.


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Santosh Bhosale

About the Fundraiser

In Maharashtra, the girls are not completely deprived of education but no special attention is given towards their educational progress. The reasons are many but mainly inability or apathy of parents is the major concern that causes girls' drop out form the schools. Inadequate mode or sometimes No mode of safe and timely transportation is also one of the reason that hinders educational progress. Our initiative of bicycle distribution has definitely rekindled their hopes to learn and move forward. The visible impact is seen in the schools that have received bicycles for school girls.

We started this project a while back to support girl students in rural parts of Maharashtra where distance is a challenge for education. And the unique concept of creation of Bicycle Bank in the schools so that Bicycles can be  returned after completion of school and  be reused by other girl students .Over past 4 years 18000 girls students have been supported and have finished schooling till 12th from these 7000 Bicycles. When I look back to the 1st time we implemented this program all I can say is this achievements far exceeded my expectations. True "Ripple Effect".

We provide these bicycles to the school free of cost and these cycles cater to the needs of girl students.When these girls pass out the cycles are provided to the the new batch .


Brief highlights of the success of the program are :

• 90 % of the girls given bicycles passed their 10th grade examination with distinction

• 100 % of girls given bikes are motivated to pursue higher studies.

• Dropout rate of girls, dropped from 25 % to 0 % .

• Attendance of girl children improved from 25 % to 40 % . 


Being satisfied with the success of this program, Our Foundation has decided now to further support this Program. We Are currently embarking on a plan to support other needy parts of Maharashtra. In 2018, with Support from Project Partners, we anticipate distributing approximately 25000 bicycles in Pune District through the “Project Bicycle Bank for Girl Child”.


Description of the Program :

Safe, reliable transportation to school will enable girl child to have better education, safety and economic outcomes. 


Strategic Objectives:

• Increase school attendance for girls.

• Improve school performance for girls.

• Reduce student drop-out rates for girls.

• Resolve school access and attendance issues through increased community engagement. 

• Improve student safety during the commute to and from school, particularly for girls.

Case Study :

Ms Shejal, a 16 year old girl in Kawathemanhakal Tehsil, Sangli District, travels 5 kilometers each way to attend school. She used to come late to school, sometimes missed school due to which she suffered academically also there use to be pain in her legs due to the long distances she walked each day; now, Shejal proudly announces that, thanks to her new bicycle, her attendance and performance in school has improved and her legs “pain no more.” Shejal received her Bicycle in January 2013 and for the first time in her life, she attends school six days per week, also goes to school on Sundays for special classes 10 th standard students . She used to manage the walk only two to three times per week, often staying home sometimes because of chores and sometimes her legs hurt too badly to make the trip. Bicycle has helped her to achieve outstanding attendance while finding time and energy to participate in sports and complete her homework. She also helps care for her nieces and nephews and performs household chores. Shejal is grateful that her bicycle allows her to be more punctual and attentive both at school and at home. Shejal’s teacher, reports that Shejal is now active in class and able to supervise other students. She attends school daily and has greater energy and concentration because she is no longer exhausted from walking. Shejal’s favorite subjects are Science, Social Development Studies and Mathematics. Shejal’s parents are aging and unable to take care of her, so she lives with her older sister Anita, brother-in-law and their 3 small children. Anita is proud of her sister, stating “Since I am not educated, I want my young sister to be educated so that she can help our family, community and country.” Shejal dreams of becoming a Doctor someday because she wants people to be healthy, a dream her family wholeheartedly supports. When school is not in session, Shejal’s chores include cooking, bathing the children, sweeping and fetching water from a well approximately 2 kilometers from her home. She also helps in the family farm. The bicycle has helped Shejal’s family, too. Her sister and brother-in-law use it to transport Milk and Farm produce to sell it at Milk collection center in surrounding villages and markets, and Anita uses the bicycle to take her small children to the clinic, 13 kilometers away. Shejal’s bicycle has made life better for her entire household.

Appeal :

I request you to participate in sponsoring bicycles for school going girls from lower Socio-economic strata of our society.In the long term your Donations will go a long way in educating tens of thousands of girls,


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