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Fund raising for a prosthetic leg.





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Hi, I am Jaydev. I am a student. This campaign is an initiative by me and my friends for our friend Siddharth.

Who is Siddharth?

Siddharth Trivedi, a commerce graduate, is our friend, who lives in Ahmedabad. Like every adult, he also had plans for his life. After his graduation, he started preparing for PSI (Police Sub Inspector) examination with a dream of joining the Police force. It's been four years since he's been putting in all the efforts to make his dream come true. Being one of his closest friends, I have seen him strive for that extra mile which would make him a deserving candidate for the same. 

What happened to him?

One fine morning, his destiny betrayed him. He met with an accident.

Recalls Siddaharth: ''May 13, 2015: It was a pleasant Wednesday morning. My friend and I had a cup of nice coffee and left for jogging. We were jogging on the path beside the railway track, which was not used to be a beaten track.  So with a badinage conversation, we finished our jog and sat on a bench.

We decided to visit the small temple located on other side of the track. Suddenly, we saw a goods train approaching us. We were very cognizant about it so not being impetuous and we decided to wait there. I was happy as a few coaches were yet to pass by. I unintentionally stepped on a small metal stone and lost my balance and got hit by the train coach. In the blink of an eye, I realized that my left leg was stuck under the train somewhere around the wheels.  I tried harder to get off the track but alas! I wasn’t able to do so. Eventually, the train came to a halt and my leg was removed from the grasp of the train.

Finally we reached the hospital, and on emergency basis doctors attended me and discovered that my left leg has to be maimed. My family had already reached there by then. After taking a prior permission, my leg was amputated. I was in the midst of feeling my usual discontent for not being able to do anything about the scenario other than to alter, to surrender. ''

Siddharth - the optimist

When I came to know about his accident, I rushed to see Siddharth. I did not know how to react, I fell numb, and wasn't ready to face him. To my surprise, the scenario was different when I met him. He was predominantly consoling his emotionally broke family and friends. He behaved as if nothing had happened. But now, when he stares at his bike, all the beautiful memories come into his mind, and he obviously feels bad about it.

There are times when people ask questions about his future, to which he doesn't have any answers. He is now worried about how he will get the prosthetic leg because his financial condition is very bad.

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How can crowdfunding help Siddharth?

Here on Ketto, we are trying to raise funds for him to get a PROSTHETIC LEG so that he's able to walk again, run again, live again.

Here I am attaching the quotation for the cost of the prosthetic leg.

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The smallest of your contribution will give a new life to my friend. We seek your support. Remeber, it's a ripple effect we are trying to create. Do not break the chain. Keep it going. Even if you don't contribute, just spread the word. Stand with us for our friend Siddharth. 

Thank you

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