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Creating a Youth Culture Centre in Leh (11550 ft)

Charity Community Development

The centre is formed last year at old Raku House which is 150 years old. 50% of work is yet to be completed this year.





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About the Fundraiser

Nestled in the midst of quiet and serene poplar grove in Main Tukcha, Leh is the “Old Raku House”, which is the official centre of Flowering Dharma and Alphonso Club. With the aim to preserve the unique tradition and culture of Ladakh, the organization came into existence in the year 2009, by the collective efforts of the students from Ladakh studying in various colleges in Delhi University. The organization also works for the preservation of the Old Classical Indian Philosophical Tradition.


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The old Raku House is an excellent example of traditional Ladakhi architecture, the foundation for which was laid 150 year ago by the great grandparents and grandparents of the present family. The old house restoration project started in May 2016 and is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2017. The members of the organization, in their full capacity have completed half the restoration and to complete the remaining work, the organization would need your generous support and assistance. 

The foundation of the old Raku House was laid about 150 years ago by the parents of present day owner.

The first floor was built by the elder brother of Abilay Rigzin Dolma and the top floor was an addition by Memelay (Grandfather) Phuntsok Namgyal, husband of Abilay Rigzin who joined the Raku Family as a Makpa (Son in Law).

The top floor houses a beautifully ornate “Chotkang” (Prayer room) which has been however kept closed as it requires proper restoration.

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Can a cost of a burger help build a Youth Centre ?

Support crowd funding today with cost of just a burger (?100) we’ll complete the youth centre at Raku.

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