Campaign Ended! The campaign ended on October, 15 2017

The disability free India campaign!

Charity Physically Challenged

We aim to reach out to the entire disabled population in Mumbai & provide them with required prosthetic leg free of cost





Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

About the Fundraiser


How many times in a day do you see a person without a leg?

We see them many times on the railway stations, our neighborhood communities or just randomly on the road while you are heading to your office. The very first thought which comes to our mind is that their life would be much better if they had both their leg.

Let us tell you; many times even they do not know how to help themselves. When disability comes along with no awareness on prosthetic they lose all hopes and manage their life on one leg.

Many times people with disability and their families have less or no knowledge on the treatment or the availability of prosthetic's. It is therefore important to create awareness and reach out to them as most of the time they are home bound.

To address this issue Ratna Nidhi has initiated ‘Disability Free India’ where we aim to reach out to the entire disabled population of our nation and provide them with required prosthetic free of cost. Our team will screen the communities to identify how many disabled are there and what are their types. Community camps would be organized to understand the requirements and get their measurements for the prosthetic's. Post which we would then organize distribution camps where our team will fit the prosthetic's and train them on how it should be used.

We are starting this campaign to support 100 disabled persons.

We require Rs 3000 to give someone out there who needs a prosthetic.

Your contribution will help the disable in Mumbai to see a new life with new hopes.

Stand with us! Stand with INDIA!

Who are we?

We are working across India addressing the disability and educational need of the lesser privilege.

A small glimpse of our work

- Donated over 10 lakhs garments since 1992

- Served over 2.3 crore meals to underprivileged children in Mumbai since 1998.

- Imparted computer literacy to 136 children and conversational English skills to 47 children in India since 2014.

- Provided over 300 children whose parents were victims of terror attacks with educational scholarships.

- Donated over 4 lakhs books to low income schools and colleges of Mumbai and rural Maharashtra.


To know more about our work please visit or check our

Way forward

This campaign will be going on throughout the year catering to the disable population in India. We have initially decided to support 100 disable and then reach out to the other in every quarter. 


Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust




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