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Ride to Rise

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Support us in our campaign to help provide less privileged kids the basic infrastructure for their education and sports





Ravi Teja Kavuri

About the Fundraiser

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We have launched this campaign to seek your support for a worthy cause. Ten of us, all amateur athletes, are coming together to cycle 1,200 km from Mumbai to Coorg, to raise funds for two schools with a mission to provide education and sports infrastructure for less privileged kids in India.

  • Hockey Village India (HVI) – A small school started by a German athlete, who made it her life’s mission to provide quality education and teach hockey to less privileged kids in Rural Rajasthan. Additional details can be found at
  • Ashwini Sports Foundation (ASF) – NGO started by one of India’s most famous athletes, Ashwini Nachappa, to provide quality infrastructure and unearth talent and to groom athletes for FREE to be consistently on par with the rest of the world. Additional details can be found at

    India has produced internationally acclaimed sports champions who have emerged from remote corners of the nation and we want to extend a helping hand to every child who has a dream and want to make it big in the world of sports.

    This can only be possible with YOUR HELP!

    How YOU can extend your support:

    We request you to pledge an amount per km of distance that we cover – for e.g.,

    • INR 1 /$.015 per km will result in a INR 1,200 / $18 pledge
    • INR 10/$0.15 per km will result in a INR 12,000 / $180 pledge
    • INR 100/$1.5 per km will result in a INR 120,000 / $1,800 pledge and so on

    This is a brief guideline. We appreciate your support for this cause and would ask you to contribute ANY amount as you see fit. Every contribution will make a difference in these kids’ lives.

    The riders are bearing all expenses out of their own pockets. So, none of your contributions will be used for the ride and instead, 100% of your donations will go directly to benefit the kids at HVI and ASF in an equal proportion. Please be generous in your support.

    If you are unable to donate any amount, you can also contribute by:

    • Joining us anytime during the ride from Mumbai to Coorg
    • Spreading the message among your friends and family

    Let the champions of tomorrow learn to play from today!


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