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Veda Adnani
  • Thank you!

    by Bal Asha Trust on May, 04 2017



    Today is a very happy day for all of us at Bal Asha. One of our little ones finally got her hearing aid!! We are so grateful for all our donors and supporters who make these accomplishments possible for us. This seemingly small gesture is going to change our child's life by leaps and bounds; and we are thrilled for the beginning of her new journey ??

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  • You made it happen! 21km in a tutu

    by Veda Adnani on January, 15 2017



    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the tutu run:

    A huge thank you to all you amazing people. It's been a great day with fist bumps, air punches, hi fives and lots of smiles and laughter at the Standard Charted Mumbai Marathon this morning. Here is Pratik's picture with the tutu that the children of Bal Asha painted. (With a special tutu air tap)

    Time taken to complete 21 km in a tutu: 2 hours and 15 minutes 

    "It was a little uncomfortable at first but eventually everyone absolutely enjoyed and cheered for the cause. This was the most fun I've ever had running a marathon. I'm glad it worked out and people supported the campaign. Love Mumbai and the people who make this city incredible!" - Pratik

    Few more days of contribution

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart. We passed our initial goal in less than a week and extended our goal further.  If you have any more friends or family who who would still like to contribute for the cause we've decided to keep the campaign live for a few more days. We don't wan't you to miss the chance so join in.

    What next?

    SCMM takes a few days to send across official pictures of the event. We will update the page as soon as we receive them. Keep an eye out for a special thank you from the children at Bal Asha in the coming days. We had a phenomenal time making this happen. Being the first year, we have learnt a lot and have many ideas to make this project even better next time around. 


    The goal of this project wasn't only to raise funds for the cause but to encourage people to contribute for grass root, small scale NGO's like Bal Asha by making fundraising fun. Thanks to your overwhelming support and the contributions we can happily say that it's been a very successful campaign at that  - We were one of the most trending campaigns in Children's category his week.

    The funds you have contributed will help Bal Asha improve the quality of nutrition, medical care and support at the center. If you would like to visit and see the change, please feel free to call 022 2494 4090.  You can find further info at

    That's all for now! See you all next year! A new challenge and a new goal! 

    - Pratik, Veda and Bal Asha Team

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

Pratik has been running the half marathon (21 km) for 2 years now. But this year is special! The naughty bacha-party at Bal Asha have a challenge for him: to run the half marathon wearing a tutu they've painted on.


Your support will bring some much needed light in the lives of these incredible children:

A number of children today are left abandoned, sometimes in helpless conditions. Bal Asha works with local authorities and media to find a way to unite them with their biological parents. In most cases, the child is unable to find a way back home. And when these children suffer from serious medical conditions (Heart disorders, CP, visual and physical deformities), it becomes very challenging to rehabilitate them into the society.

The team at Bal Asha put a lot of hard work, compassion and patience in providing these children the best care, schooling, medical needs and counselling so that they can eventually find a loving family one day. But it’s a process that takes a lot of effort and commitment from skilled experts who believe in the cause. Like most small-scale NGOs, the genuine efforts of the team get lost in today's cluttered world never-ending needs. 


Funds you donate will support Bal Asha to do following three things better:

  1. To give the best quality nutrition (Food that we might take for granted: Good nutrition is much more to a child who is found in difficult circumstances)
  2. To provide quality care and a safe environment (by hiring staff that you would trust your baby with. Along with hygienic and comfortable clothing/necessities) 
  3. Top medical help (working with the best doctors/medical centres who put years of effort and energy for a child's healthy future)

Click here to know more about Bal Asha.

Big shout-out to Sowmya Balakrishnan and Shruti Sunderraman for making this page awesome.



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