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Help my mom Priya in her fight with Breast Cancer

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Help my mom fight Breast Cancer





Kiranmaiee Arjun
  • Mother Expired... RIP

    by Kiranmaiee Arjun on August, 06 2016



    This is to inform you all that, inspite of all our efforts and your support & wishes, our mother passed away on 10th May 2016 @ 3:30 am.

    She fought with cancer for almost an year, but cancer won over her in this battle. It has spread to all other parts, which eventually led to multi-organ failure. Her last rights were performed in Hyderbad.

    Requesting you all to support our final campaign:

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  • Thanks to Andhra Friends Forum

    by Kiranmaiee Arjun on January, 16 2016



    I and my family would like to THANK - Andhra Friends Fourm Members for their support and helping in saving my mother. They have contributed Rs. 50,000 which is directly sent to our Andhra Bank Account.

    Thank you very much for your help. 
    Special Thanks to JOHNBHAI sir for getting in touch with me regularly and updating me on the funds also. I will post clearly about this and with all my mother reports and photos in AndhraFriends site once my id is approved. friends, plz share this link with your friends ->

    -Arjun 9901294284

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser


We are a very happy family who share everything and had lots of love for each other. Especially my mother, whom I love the most and because of whom I am present today on this earth.I live in Hyderabad and from a Middle Class Family of 4, consisting of my dad, mom, brother and me.

But, Destiny had some other plans for us.

It was in Mid October 2015, my mom recognized that she had a clot in her left breast. My dad took her immediately to the nearest hospital. Intially she was diagnosed and consulted a doctor. After some tests, the doctor said that it was a minor blood clot, needs a minor surgery and was prescribed some medication.

After a week, my mother still was experiencing more pain than before and then we consulted a Specialist (Gyno). Same process happened.. She was diagnosed and the doctor has prescribed some advanced Scans & Medical Tests. The whole process took around 5 days and the reports have come. The doctor took a look at them and doubted that the infection might be Breast Cancer and suggested us to consult Medical Oncology specialists.

For confirmation, we have taken my mom to KIMS Super Speciality Hospital in October last week. Once again, after final scans like PET-CT and others, the oncology doctors have confirmed that it is Breast Cancer - THIRD STAGE. The doctors said that we have delayed so much till now and there are chances of we losing our mom if we further delay in treatment. The infected cancer cells have grown very big in size and might have chance to spread to other parts of the body. The moment when doctors said this, my entire family was shocked and I broke down into tears. Though my mother health was in very serious condition, she never let her smile go away from her face and always loved us asusual. I still remember, though she had pains she used to wake me up, prepare me food and send me to college everyday. This made me more cry.

One more sad thing is that, she had a clot on her head. The doctors said that there is a chance of Brain Cancer as well. This completely broke down us.

My brother was mentally disturbed a lot seeing my mother in such condition. He immediately took my mother's reports and consulted with various other doctors for second opinion. He got the same reply everywhere that Breast Cancer - 3rd Stage and too much late.

The doctors said that the entire treatment will take 1 year. Initially my mother would be given CHEMOTHERAPHY which is a cyclic process (for every 21 days) and later on Radiation Theraphy would be given. Once the cancer cells size is reduced, they said that they would perform the Surgery and after that CHEMOTHERAPHY would be continued again.


The cost of the total treatment would be around 45 lakh including the pre treatment, post treatment, hospital and Medical Tests Expenses. She requires around 12 Cycles of Chemotheraphy ( 16 x Rs. 2,10,000) = Rs. 33,60,000 and then surgery would cost around 6,50,000. The radiation theraphy would cost around 4,00,000. Besides these the treatment requires various drugs, medicines and food which are needed to be given from time to time.

Finally, we admitted my mother in KIMS hospital and the treatment has been started. What ever the money my brother and my dad saved till now was used up for my mother's treatment till now. We have spent around 16 lakh rupees (including all expenses) and 3 Chemotheraphy cycles are completed. 4th Chemoteraphy is scheduled on 8th of January. We have suffient funds for the 4th Cycle as well. But after that, we are left with nothing. The surgery is scheduled on second week of February.

A lot of expenses started mounting up viz, Medical Expenses, Travel Expenses and many which sums up to a very huge amount which is not bearable by an Indian Middle Class family.

 I know that 45 lakh rupees is a very big amount., but I hope that if you contribute whatever you can, it would be very much useful for her treatment. I strongly believe that together, you all can help and save my mom for which I & my family would be thankful throughout our lives.

If you want to send us directly/transfer the money to our bank account:

Bank: Andhra Bank
Name: K N K Priya
Ac No: 1441 101 000 27590  
Branch: Prakash Nagar
IFSC: ANDB0001441

Please help my mom's battle on cancer with your graceful donations so that my mom can live and breathe like a normal human being again.

God bless u!!!

Note: I will keep you posted about regular reports & treatment updates


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