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Prashant Thakker

About the Fundraiser

As we close our Diwali and New year celebrations with our families and loved ones, let us light the lamp of hope in the lives of the families of our martyred soldiers.

Let us send a message to our our brave soldiers; that in the moment of our Diwali celebrations we remember them and salute their sacrifices. #Sandesh2soldiers
On18th of September, in the cowardly attack on the army barracks at Uri; Sepoy Kulmethe Vikas Janardan (KV Janardhan) was mortally wounded and martyred. He sacrificed his life for us. Part of the Unit 6 of the Bihar Regiment, KV Janardhan hailed from the Village of Purad Nerad in Wani tehsil of Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. Sepoy Janardhan was married 2 years ago. He is survived by his wife Sneha 23 and a 10 month old little daughter named Jignyasa
We have all vented our tirade on social media and facebook. Here is a chance to walk the talk.
Our 1st target plan is to raise INR 5,00,000 (Rs 5 lacs) for the formation of a fund for Sepoy Janardhan’s 10 month old daughter, Jignyasa. This will ensure that whatever the family circumstances; Janardhan’s wife Sneha and their little girl will receive regular financial support and the accumulated capital being available at a time when most needed for the young girl.
The task is difficult but we can do it together. I am calling on each of your big hearts and fat wallets to respond. Contributions in multiples of 5000 are ideal but you can contribute what ever your heart agrees. My appeal to you all - my friends, family, acquaintances and business associates for your social support as well. Leverage your social media outreach - Post, share, tweet, paste on facebook, LinkedIn, Whats app, Twitter, Instagram et all and get more people involved in this movement. Send this out with your "Happy Diwali” Messages and posts.
We have also made it easier for anyone to contribute from anywhere in the world. This fundraising campaign is run on - Asia largest crowdsourcing platform for Social Projects where I am a proud investor as well.
To contribute- simply click the link
Sepoy KV Janardhan took his last stand for me and you and all of us.
Now it is our chance to stand up for him and his wife Sneha and daughter : Jignyasa
Vande Mataram !
Jai Hind !
  • My Marathon pledge - Advantage Jignyasa.

    by Prashant Thakker on January, 16 2017



    It was a hot, humid and very very crowded Mumbai half marathon on Sunday 15 Jan. The sheer crowds and course management meant you had to really run when you were allowed to rather than the way you wanted to! This meant that the time challenge of 2:11 was out of the window by over 12 minutes! I came in at 2.23. 

    Well, I am not disappointed. As promised,Rs 10,000 for every minute over 2:11 translates into 120,000 for Little Jigyasa's education fund. I have already transferred the amount into the fund. For those of you who had put in a wager fro me to come within 2:11- Thank you for all the encouragement. 

    At this moment, with the huge support from each of you our fund raise is at about Rs 6.75 lacs - comfortably over our Rs 5.00 lacs target. There are a few commitments pending and I am hoping that will take us over the magic Rs 7.00 Lacs figure. 

    I also had a chance to speak to Sneha Tai- martyred Sepoy KV Janardhan's wife. She has been invited to a honour ceremony on Republic day by the Army. So my visit to Wani Tehsil, District Yavatmal to hand over Jignyasa's education fund will happen only in the 2nd week of February. Rest assured, I will send you all a final update once that is done.

    Once again, a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart. While we all cannot defend our borders, there is no reason we cannot show love and respect for the soldiers who do. Each of you who has supported this campaign has demonstrated that we all have it in us to rise beyond our personal lives and make a contribution to a larger cause when it matters the most. 

     Jai Hind. 

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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  • Target hit - A big Thank you all.

    by Prashant Thakker on January, 12 2017



    Today we hit our fund raise target.  We are at over 500K. A BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure  Sepoy KV Janardhan's wife and child feel the same. A big benefactor has been my nephew of 10 years who has emptied his piggy bank with a substantial 60K. The half marathon is this Sunday; I am charged up for the challenge  that should see some more contributions come int. The campaign remains open till the 25th. The more we can put together for Little Jigyasa; we will help secure her education  through her life.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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