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Ensuring differently able receive their pensions

Charity Rural Development

We want to ensure every differently able person in Rajapakar block of Bihar utilize government-provided pensions





Seva Setu

About the Fundraiser

The government of India supports the differently able of our country by providing monetary pensions. As part of the Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme and similar other state-sponsored schemes, the government provides between INR 400 to INR 500 every month as pensions.

Our target

In Bihar's Vaishali district, one of the districts that we operate in, we want to cover the whole of Rajapakar block (~0.3M population, 2500 and ensure that no differently able person remains who does not have a disability certificate and has not been added to the state's pension list. 

Your help 

We want you to help us achieve this target. We aim to cover this block by June 2017. In order to do so, the following would be our expenses -  

  • Field executives employed to achieve this target: 3 
  • Monthly salary provided to a field executive: INR 9,000
  • Total expense till May 31, 2017: 9,000 x 3 x 2 = INR 54,000
  • Fee to be paid to Ketto + Service tax: INR 12,500
  • Total amount to be raised: INR 66,500

The problem

The utilization of these pensions is less than 50% in most states. In Bihar specifically, 55% of the intended beneficiaries do not even possess disability certificates, a pre-requisite to receiving their pensions.

Seva Setu's intervention

True to our name, we strive to bridge this gap, where on one end we have people who could surely benefit from such government schemes and another we have under-utilized schemes. 

As part of our Citizen Care program, we operate a dedicated field team to go door to door and identify, counsel and hand-hold people into receiving benefits they are due.

Why does this problem exist?

There are a number of reasons for why this problem exists. Three factors determine an individual's awareness towards these schemes - knowledge, attitude and behavior. In our experience, we have noticed that people generally miss out on each of these three aspects in varying degrees. Our work addresses each of these three factors.

Providing information and expecting a person to act on it is bound to not have the desired effect. After the first step of providing people with information, the second and more important step which helps addresses this problem is to facilitate this process. Most people we interact with have never interacted with formal institutions before. They are alien to processes like opening a bank account, filing government forms, and visiting the district hospital. This is where they need help. By standing by them through this process, we ensure that their attitude and gradually, their behavior towards these systems also change. Such careful and constant hand-holding is what creates an aware community.

Some families we have served - 

  • We're getting there! Do continue your support!

    by Seva Setu on April, 19 2017



    Thanks, everyone! We're midway in our fundraising process.

    We appreciate your help in this effort. It'll be great if you could share details about this fundraiser with your network. Please share this on your Whatsapp and Facebook lists - will ensure that the right audience looks at our work.

    While we've been running this campaign, our field team is busy preparing people from villages. This week, we have visited Narayanpur Buzurg panchayat of Rajapakar block. Here are some images from this week's visit.

    The young girl is completely deaf while the young boy is both, deaf and mute. We have identified 26 differently abled people so far this week. We have noted their details and have added them to our process of opening bank accounts and getting their paperwork started.

    If you'd like to get onto our internal Whatsapp group to go through daily updates which our field team sends us, please let us know. We'll be happy to get you on it.


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