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The Soul Angels group is elated to inform that the much awaited medical consultation/examination meet between our Angel Khadija and Dr M. Khader took place on 29th November 2015. Dr. Khader was accompanied to Khadija's house in her village by founder of The Soul Angels group Naseeb Ahluwalia and Jay Varma. Khadija's family was gratified with this visit made by Dr Khader.

Based on the preliminary examination, Dr.Khader suggests that Khadija appears to be an extreme case of Neurofibromatosis. He has requested Khadija and her parents to undergo some medical tests/exams to determine surgical treatment options.

Soul Angels Group will decide on a date with her parents to accompany them to Mangalore so that Dr Khader and his team can come out with a comprehensive treatment/surgery plan.

We request your support in this wonderful journey towards a new life, a new beginning for Khadija. Share her story and treatment plus rehabilitation updates with your loved ones.

We are into the last week of fundraising to cover rehabilitation and travel/accommodation during treatment in Mangalore. We will further ensure long time financial support to family so that Khadija is not sent for begging on street. We are planing to rebuild / renovate her house for healthy n decent living. 
Together we can and we will make the difference.    


About Khadija Khatoon (Gaja Laxmi)

A 21-year-old woman without a face and eyes since birth. No, that doesn’t make her any ugly, in-fact, even braver and prettier - considering “she’s not coping but living with it,” as she tells a news organisation.

Khadija, aptly called 'Gaja Laxmi' by SOUL Angels Group, is suspected to be a patient of Neurofibromatosis- a condition that makes sufferers prone to tumours in their body. Doctors believe that there's a possibility of Khaliza having a tumour inside her face, which can possibly be corrected with a surgery.

When her parents came to know about it…

Her mother recalls the time when she was born at home but didn’t open her eyes. When they took her to the hospital, she was admitted for six months. After conducting lots of tests doctors told  Khadija's parents that nothing could be done to improve their daughter’s condition. As the years went on, Khadija's condition worsened, as her excess skin didn’t stop growing.

How is she doing now?

Gaja Laxmi - Khadija, lives in extreme poverty in Kolkata. She’s often seen begging around Kolkata’s GPO area. She is sometimes, in fact, accompanied by a man (her father) who does not let her talk to anyone and is reluctant to answer any questions asked regarding her medical issue.


She has coped with this condition all her life and the excess skin continues to grow. She doesn't even know if she has eyes or a nose and her mouth is a slit on the left side of her face.

How will the funds help her?

The family can't afford medical advice, as her father works part time as a fruit vendor and her brothers only bring in INR 7,000 per month between them.

Through this fundraising platform we are trying to achieve the much desired funds required for Khadija's medical consultations, rehabilation and to provide her a decent life style.

We seek your support

We want to help Khadija to lead a normal life, make new friends, meet people as a confident woman. Help us make it a successful fundraiser to assist Khadija get to see the sweet side of life. She deserves better, much better. 

All excess funds raised over the necessary amount required for her medical-aid will be put in a fixed deposit on her name. We are in process to setup a seprate bank account in her name where all the funds raised via this fundraising page will be deposited.

What if you can’t contribute?

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Who are we?

SOUL Angels Group is a group of public members engaged in safety and well being of Gaja Laxmi - 'Khadija'. Founded by Naseeb Ahluwalia - a permant resident of Sydney, Australia. Currently located in Ludhiana, India. Co- founder : Jay Varma from Kolkata, India.

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Thank You for your support. 


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