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Why did we create SmartPan?
In India milk boiling is very common practice. Despite the phenomenal strides in technology and development, this problem is still unsolved.
Who likes to keep a watch on milk when we have better things to do?
Boiling milk is a waiting game. And if somehow, you lose your concentration, you will have a mess to clean for yourself.
In many cases, boiled over milk has damaged stoves and in some adverse cases it has even caused 3rd degree skin burns.
So we decided to do something about it.
With it’s minimalistic design, it gets the work done in an efficient manner.
Not only milk, Smart Pan works with tea, soups, pasta, vermicelli and other food items which tend to get boiled over.

About the Smart Pan:

Q- Is Smart Pan safe to use?

Smart Pan and it’s lid is made of 100% Stainless Steel so it is completely safe to use.  

Q- How do I use Smart Pan?

SmartPan is very simple to use. Just like any other pan, pour the milk and put its lid on the top.The Smart Pan will take care of the rest. Once the milk is boiled, you can keep the lid aside and use the milk.

Q- How does it work?

The milk gets boiled over because of the steam which pushes the milk out of pan. The Smart Pan is designed in such a way that let’s the steam to escape from it’s lid, keeping the milk intact. Hence, it lets’ the milk to get back into the pan.

Q- How do I place the order?

 To place the order click on “Pre-Order Now” and then choose “Buy the Smart Pan” Reward of Rs 750.

Q- Does it work always?

Yes. Even if you boil the milk on high flame or leave it boiling for hours the milk will not boil over.

Q- Does Smart Pan also work for Tea?

Yes. It works with tea, pasta, vermicelli, soups or any other food which tends to get boiled over.

Q- What is the importance of boiling milk?

Before the advent of pasteurization, milk-borne illnesses like tuberculosis, diphtheria and typhoid routinely killed many people, especially children, in regions of Europe where milk was consumed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Boiling milk not only increases the shelf life of the milk but also kills bacteria and other microorganisms that may be present in the milk.

Q- Is it easy to clean?

Yes, It is as easy to clean as any other utensil.

Q- How much milk can we boil at once in Smart Pan?

Smart Pan has the capacity to boil 2 Liters of milk at once.

Q- Does this Smart Pan work on an Induction or Hot Plate?

Yes. The smart pan is smart enough to work on both.

  • SmartPan delivery update

    by Chandrika on September, 20 2017



    Dear all,

    We've reached 90% of our goal with 162 supporters and we really couldn't have done it without you!

    We are currently facing issue from our manufacturer's side as they were constantly shifting the delivery date. For the past one month I have been followup with them on regular basis and have also visited their factory multiple times. Finally, I have decided to change manufacturer itself as they leading to this delay.

    Currently, I have shortlisted 2-3 new manufacturers and this time I will get a written agreement from the vendor regarding the timelines.

    Although, we recently got featured in YourStory ( but some how I don’t feel great about as we failed to deliver SmartPan in our committed time. My mission right now is get SmartPan delivered to everyone as soon as possible.  

    Apologies for the delay. Will keep everyone update on this. 

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  • We crossed 50% of our goal!

    by Chandrika on July, 27 2017



    Dear all,

    Thank you so much for your support to our campaign. We've reached 76,000 INR with 95 supporters and we really couldn't have done it without you!

    We still need to raise 74,000 in next 12 days!

    To keep up the momentum, do keep spreading the word through Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, whatever works :)

    Much love and regards,


    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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