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Space Junkies comic series pits a host of characters against vicious villains & barbaric beasts in pursuit of adventure.


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Sharan Kumar Arunachalam

About the Fundraiser

My name is Sharan Kumar and I am the creator and author of a new comic series called Space Junkies. I have designed this series to not only be entertaining for people of all ages, but to also reflect real struggles and real solutions to problems. Space Junkies demonstrates that the universe is chaotic and that the problems of greed, power, survival and other shortcomings exist, but can be overcome through teamwork and various virtues. Of course, such ideas are presented in a comical manner using characters that appeal to those that are both young of age and young at heart.

Space Junkies currently reaches 500,000 subscribers per week across India though The Hindu

Space Junkies comics are available at Comixology.

 As the creator of Space Junkies, I personally believe we can influence future outcomes through those things we can imagine. I’ve always dreamt of travelling in space among the stars and galaxies while participating in endless adventures and Space Junkies embodies this desire that is commonly held by others. 

I believe such experiences can be shared with millions of adventure seekers through the appealing antics of Space Junkies via animation and that is my current goal. 

The digital version of Chapter One - "Space Junkies : Hotels on the Moon" - is complete and the next step is to get the saga animated. The funds of this campaign will be used towards developing a 20-Minute Animation Storyboard. The software being used for the animation includes Toon Boom Harmony

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GENEROUS CONTRIBUTORS have the opportunity to help us deliver an animated version of SPACE JUNKIES to the masses and we offer attractive incentives for our supporters.


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                                                   Contribution Incentives

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                                                    For contributions starting at Rs.300:

Get digital access to all 7 action-packed issues of Space Junkies Chapter One. This is where it all starts and contributors will get a headstart on the crazy space adventure that is set to rock the world and the galaxy! Issues will be available exclusively on

Follow Chef's Mantras closely for hints on future events! 

                                                          BUT WAIT -- THERE'S MORE!!!

(NOTE: The reason we do not give printed copies of Space Junkies as an incentive is that the comic is designed to be read on digital devices.)


                                                ALSO for contributions starting at Rs.1000:

Get access to behind the scenes activities and see how the comic is made. Not only will you receive access to all 7 beginning issues, but you are invited to join the Space Junkies team  as they reveal creative tactics and passionate procedures used to bring this space adventure to life!

You will be one of the priviledged few to see just how the Space Junkies magic is manifested!


                                                  **For contributions starting at Rs.5000:

Get your Space Junkies themed caricature to display proudly, showing friends and family that you are a major fan! Guys' faces are applied to an image of Ggreed while girls' faces grace Margo's bodacious bod. This art style is called Big Head Caricature - and, yes, that is my magnificent mug on the below sample!

All Big Head Caricatures are created by our very own Space Junkies artist -- Christian Mirra! Check out a mountain of marvelous Mirra masterpieces at 


**Contributors also receive all previously mentioned incentives!


                                                  **For contributions starting at Rs.25000:

Get your personal caricature drawn in detail by professional artist Mario Perrotta whose talent for mastering creative comics, caricatures and satirical drawings has caught the eye of many impressive publishers such as Disney and IDW. That's right! As a generous contributor to bringing the Space Junkies animation to life, you will receive a stunning caricature remake of your marvelous mug by Mario whose work has impressed art industry Big Wigs!

Examples of the wizardly works of Mario's wondrous world are offered on his blog: 

**Contributors also receive all previously mentioned incentives!  


                                                 **For contributions starting at Rs.100000:

Get any Space Junkies cover converted into a Tanjore Painting. This is an amazing opportunity to receive the FIRST EVER comic made into a Tanjore painting! Each rendition includes real Gold Leaf and Precious Stones embedded into the art work.

The artist - Jagannath Balaji - began his impressive twenty-year career at an early age by watching his father create Tanjore (Thanjavur) art. He carries on the tradition from his home in Chennai where he lives with his wife and two sons. Balaji skillfully transforms his inspirations into amazing artworks that have won him awards from the Crafts Council of India and other competition sources.

The below image is of a Space Junkies cover that has been converted into a Tanjore painting by Jagannath Balaji.

**Contributors also receive all previously mentioned incentives!  


                                                **For contributions starting at Rs.500000:

Get original, life-size cosplay commissions of GgreedPuig and Margo! This reward is called our Trio-combo Mega-fan Pack and is easily worth twice the contribution amount! The Space Junkies cosplay commission package consists of costumes created in China by the best cosplay commissioners in the world! (See: for more.)

Custom sizes are available and shipping costs are included.

**Contributors also receive all previously mentioned incentives!  

Thank you for your support and don't forget to share the Space Junkies animation fundraiser with friends! 


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