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Help 3 year old Srivardhan survive dengue.

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Desperately unwell, but clawing his way back.





Sonali   Ranjit

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Srivardhan is almost completely recovered!

3 year old Srivardhan is the only child of young parents, his father Srinivasulu works in a hardware store at Nellore. He developed a severe form of dengue shock and was referred in an extremely critical condition. In the PICU, his life seemed to be ebbing away as one organ and after another failed and he was hemorrhaging massively. 

Over 15 days, Srivardhan’s hold on life continued to be tenuous as multiple teams administered advanced life support, close to 50 units of blood, many sessions of dialysis, and artificial nutrition via a special line. He was completely comatose and deeply yellow and when his bone marrow also failed, it almost seemed hopeless. Each day seemed to be his last, and the Pediatric ICU team wondered whether continuing support was even worth it or totally futile.

The cost of treatment escalated steeply, and the father exhausted all his resources and was even prepared to sell his kidney to raise more money. And then this amazing campaign started and many souls from round the globe reached out and made the fathers lone battle into a great collective battle. And little Srivardhan seemed to hear the many voices telling him to get better and amidst the stormy dark clouds, tiny bright slivers of hope got stronger and brighter…And then the magic started.. each failing organ started improving and, even though there were a few setbacks, the recovery gained force with every passing day.

 This unbelievable story had a super good ending because of the staggering groundswell of support from all of you.. now Srinivasulu can take his son home happy and well…

Thanks so much for coming together and helping Srivardhan survive dengue.


Srivardhan almost completely well






Update - Srivardhan is Improving! 

Most dengue kids improve in 2-3 days, provided they come on time.

However, Srivardhan came to the hospital at a very late stage when he was cold, clammy and gasping for breath.

He was placed on a ventilator in the Pediatric ICU and dengue treatment started. However, one organ after another kept failing plus he was losing blood torrentially. So many clever teams and specialists had to come together and contribute to his care.The Pediatric ICU team thought he was gone many times, but he’d suddenly give us a glimmer of hope and even glared at us sometimes as if to say, ‘don’t you guys dare give up!’

His father, the owner of a hardware store, had raised multiple loans, and was still unable to cover the cost of the treatment. He was even considering selling a kidney to pay for Srivardhans treatment.


When the whole cost of the treatment got totally out of hand, I knew we needed to reach out for help and Sonali Ranjit was requested to create the Ketto campaign.

 The response was instant and spontaneous and resonated across the globe!! Right from interior Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, to Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, UK, and USA, a record 117+ donors responded to the appeal within 3 days.

After 12 days on ventilator, 9 sessions of dialysis, 42 blood product transfusions, artificial nutrition via a special  line, Srivardhan is slowly improving, breathing well without the ventilator and needs no further dialysis or blood products.


So all you compassionate donors, Srivardhanan’s near recovery could be scripted only because you cared!


-Thank you!

Dr. Suchitra Ranjit

Apollo Childrens Hospital, Chennai

Srivardhan and his father, with Dr. Suchitra and wellwisher

The Cause

His father, who has already raised multiple loans, is still unable to pay for the complete treatment.Little Srivardhan, the only son of a hardware store employee, is on a ventilator. He's desperately unwell (torrential bleeding, kidneys packed up, dialysis dependent, comatose) but he's fighting and clawing his way back. He has a very good chance to survive. 

He's even willing to sell his own kidneys to save his only son's life. Let's come together and help save both lives. 

Please donate generously. 

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