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Robotics is a subject of interest among the students of all age groups, across the world. In the age of interplanetary exploration Robot education plays an important role in catering to the curiosity of the children. But this privilege is mostly reserved for the children from the economically well to do families. The children from the economically challenged section of the society are deprived of this opportunity. To fill in this gap Akshara foundation created a space for the underprivileged children to experience the world of Robots. This initiative also provides the students an opportunity to learn and apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an integrated way.

Akshara Foundation, with the support of LEGO Foundation, set up a Robotics lab in Seva Bharat Trust Government School, Vivek Nagar, Bengaluru in 2013. All students of grades 5-7 and selected students of grades 8 and 9 participate in the Robotics program.

It’s overwhelming to see how the children have progressed from not being able to turn ON and turn OFF the computers to gaining the expertise in building Robots and programming it using computers.




Last year, for the first time, selected children from the lab participated in the regional level competitions of Indian Robot Olympiad, First Lego league and Robocup Junior. They went on to qualify for the national level competitions of First Lego League and Robocup Junior. Though they could not win at the national levels, the high spirits of the children was not dampened and they vowed to prepare even harder for this year's competitions.

This year again, the "Master minds" team qualified in two national level competitions - Robocup Junior and the First Lego League 2015 robotics competition. They will now go on to represent India at the international level finals.

The team “Master Minds”constituting 4 students from Seva Bharat Trust Government School, Vivek Nagar, Bengaluru and 2 students from Sacred Heart Boys School in Bengaluru were placed First in the “Dance” category of the Robocup Junior National level Robotics competition held in Banglaore and was also placed fourth among 39 teams in the First Lego League 2015 national competition held in New Delhi, both in February 2016.

These children have achieved this feat by surpassing various popularly known private institutions across India. We are very proud to announce that ours was the only team with students from the Govt Schools. They will go on to represent India at the international level of these competitions which will be held in Germany and Philippines respectively.

The team includes Ramesh (14), whose father is a construction worker; Lawrence (15) whose mother is a house maid; Ameen (12), whose father is an electrician; Ramakrishna (14), who was brought up by his grandmother as he lost his mother, Arvind (14), who is not so good at studies but very talented in building mechanisms and Balachandra (12).

The Lab experience is a self-esteem boosting experience for Ramesh. “I can also do it. I can tell people that I know all this,” he says. “I can show it to them.”

We would like your support to send these children to represent India at the International competitions in Germany and Philippines later this year. The team has come up through sheer hard work, putting together robots, measuring and calculating speeds, distances, timings, connecting wires and tinkering with computers.

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Let us give them the opportunity to showcase themselves at the international platform. Your support matters!

  • Give 30,000+ kids the power to prove #IamAMathWhiz

    by Akshara Foundation on November, 13 2017



    Thank you for your support in our previous campaign. Akshara Foundation has a new live campaign! Here's hoping for the same love this time around. 

    Only 26% of children in Grade 5 can do grade relevant division (ASER, 2016).

    If this is the state of numeracy levels in the country, how can we expect the next engineer/doctor/teacher/scientist etc. to come from rural India?

    Three years in the running now, our math programme - Ganitha Kalika Andolana has aimed at making math a fun subject to learn for children in government schools!

    So, has it helped children so far? Help us put Tabs in schools and find out the learning levels in math for 30,000+ kids in the 6 districts that GKA has been running. Each Tab will be preloaded with an Akshara developed app that acts as an e-test.

    To start off with, we need to raise Rs. 10,00,000/-
    to fund around 100 electronic Tabs and impact 30,000+ kids. 

    Join the Andolana that’s working towards every child being in school and LEARNING WELL. Let's empower them to say #IAmAMathWhiz.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

  • Donate WORKBOOKS this WorldBookDay

    by Akshara Foundation on April, 23 2017




    Hope this mail finds you well. Thank you all for supporting our Robotics Champs last year. We have started a new campaign and thought you may be interested in it. 

    Celebrating every kind of book this World Book Day, Akshara Foundation asks for your support in providing 900 WORKBOOKS for 900 CHILDREN so they can perfect their written English skills.

     EASY English is Akshara Foundation's technology-based digital English programme. It has been piloted in three educational clusters of Karnataka – two rural clusters in Hoskote, Bangalore Rural district and one urban cluster in Bangalore city.

    A total of 37 Government schools are covered under this programme, benefitting around 44 teachers and 416 children in Class 1. In the coming academic year, Akshara Foundation plans to extend the programme to Class 2 in all the 37 Government schools. Thus benefiting about 900 children and 40 teachers.

    The old saying that goes, ‘Practice Makes Perfect' holds true in every sense. Once the children finish their sessions on the Tab in class, they are each given a workbook that they can practice their lessons on. These workbooks are curriculum driven as well, and have been designed to make English fun and easy to practice.

    Here’s where we need your help!

    For the next academic year, help us raise funds to ensure every one of these 900 children gets a workbook and in turn, help them better their written English skills.

    Interested? You can donate at 

    Happy #WorldBookDay!

    Best Wishes,
    Team Akshara

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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