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Create awareness for ALS and to generate two months expenses for Alok Gupta, afflicted with ALS


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Gautam Rischie

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Alok Gupta, an engineer and an MBA, was just like you and me. Leading from the front, he taught us the beauty of what honest dealings could do for business. He wore several hats in MNCs like General Manager, Managing Director, Chairman etc. He was as hale and hearty as anyone of us, till the dreadful disease hit him in May 2013. He was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as MND (Motor Neuron Disease) or LGD (Lou Gehrig's Disease). 


ALS is a medical condition which affects the function of the nerves and muscles and makes a very quick progress on the afflicted person. Our brain and nerves are connected at a point where millions of nerve cells exist in a healthy person. For an ALS patient, it is reduced to few thousands. Alok's first symptoms were issue in holding a mic during conference, issues while holding a plate, issues while dressing up and slurred speech. Within few months, the disease started to arrest his hands movements, he started to limp and had difficulty in getting out of bed. By end of 2014, conditions were worse when even food intake was an issue and speech completely impacted. His bed had to be customized and expert nurses hired to support his movement and training to communicate. By mid 2015, he was completely bed-ridden. As the disease progressed, his communication got limited to first by finger movements, and today it is only by blinking that he can communicate.

As the disease progressed, it also took a financial toll on the family and drained all their resources and savings.

Alok has undergone two surgeries - the first one in year 2015 to help him breathe and the second one in 2016 for installing PEG tube in his stomach to help him feed directly through stomach.

Alok  ji was such a jovial person and such a generous soul. He never thought twice before offering help to anyone, even if the person was not well known to him. It is really sad to see him in such a helpless situation.

Alok being a mentor and a guide for me, I have taken up the responsibility to raise funds for him and his family to provide financial support for next two months towards his medical expenses, which is approx 2.5 lakhs Indian Rupees (approx 3800 USD). The expenses are mainly towards the heavy doses of cocktail drugs (20K), 4 nurses (24/7 - 80 K), consumables like Diaper/Gauze/Gloves/Underpad/TT tube (30 K).

I will be running a half marathon (21.2 Kms) on 23rd July at Chennai. I am dedicating this run towards creating awareness about ALS and for raisings funds for Alok ji. Please donate generously for the cause.

  • Campaign closure tonight - a new journey starts

    by Gautam Rischie on July, 23 2017



    Will be closing the campaign today. It's been a journey of learning for me on so many new aspects. Truly a very humbling experience.

    While this campaign closes tonight , there is another campaign initiated by Alok's friends to identify 100 friends and well-wishers  who could provide a sustainable support of an offordable ?1000 per month. Wishing this new campaign a successful conclusion as well!

    Thank you all supporters of this campaign! This means so much for Alok's family. 

    Also completed the promised half marathon for Alok ji this morning. 

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  • Sincere gratitude to the supporters

    by Gautam Rischie on July, 14 2017



    The kind of support received from people from different walks of life, different religions, different cultures is what makes this country culturally rich and a beautiful place to live in! 

    Every support and every wish received means so much for the family of Alok. 

    I have changed the target date for closure of this campaign to 23rd July, to coincide with my half marathon run planned on this day for this cause. 

    With the kind of awareness raised about this disease and the overwhelming support to this campaign, I don't think this campaign needs to wait even up to this new revised date. 

    Best wishes to all supporters of this campaign. 

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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