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Holding up 5 little fingers, my 3.5-year-old daughter Ishwari often asked me, “Aai, if I have 5 apples and 3 fall off, how many am I left with?”, After doing the subtraction herself, when she holds two fingers in front of me, I scream “Four!”. She bursts into a laughter and says, “Aai, you always get it wrong! It’s 2!” My daughter is very talented. Unlike other children her age, my Ishu never got a chance to go to school. While she’s very sharp mentally, her body is extremely weak. Her weight is low, height is less and the structure of her head is small compared to other children her age. Last year, we found out that the cause of this, is an ailment called Fanconi Anaemia.

It’s a condition that affects the body’s ability to produce any type of blood cells. If not cured, the production of blood can stop completely. The doctors said that because my daughter had a higher stage of this ailment, the only solution we had was a bone marrow transplant. But what came with this solution, was an amount that a simple family like ours had never dreamt of - a staggering Rs. 25 lakh. Looking at our financial condition, we asked for a month’s time to gather this amount that promised to save her. After getting immense support from our relatives, wellwishers and our first fundraiser on Ketto, we gathered the money required for the haplo BMT on 24th February 2018. We exhausted everything we had to make this a reality. 

After the transplant was successful, we thought our battle was over but it felt like the real battle had just begun. It’s been 3 months since her transplant but we’re still at the hospital dealing with multiple complications. Complications that have not just increased Ishwari’s suffering, but increased our expected cost of the treatment tremendously. We need an additional Rs. 25 lakh for her supportive treatment & post treatment care. Our total bill has now crossed an unaffordable Rs. 52 lakh. 

In these 3 months, Ishwari has been shifted to the PICU (Postnatal Intensive Care Unit) for her alarming blood pressure multiple times and has survived 3 severe brain hemorrhages. Just the day after the transplant, Ishu developed an infection called GVHD, that is the Graft Versus Host Disease. This infection has been attacking every organ of her body - it started with her skin, but now it has got her liver and kidney as well. Every time she shows progress and the doctors clear us for a discharge, somehow the infection goes out of control just a day before the discharge. After meeting with disappointment 3 times, we’ve stopped telling Ishwari about these details. 

Circumstances forced us to take a loan worth Rs. 13 lakh for my mother-in-law’s operation, sister-in-law’s wedding and my brother-in-law’s education. And last year, Ishu’s sudden admission in the hospital and additional costs of the tests and medicines reached Rs. 1 lakh. To pay the admission fees and tests, we exhausted our family’s emergency fund and when that wasn’t enough, we ran to all our relatives and friends for help. Now we don’t know what to do. 

My Ishu is going to turn 4 on 6th of June, 2018. Ishwari can’t eat cakes or sweets, so we’ve decided to cut a cake for the hospital staff who have been extremely kind to us during this difficult patch in life. Her biggest gift would be her regular old life. All we want, is to see her getting discharged so we can go back to our home. I want to request the generous people on the internet to help us out, again. 

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