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Help kids like Yash to walk.

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Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

About the Fundraiser

Yash is a smart and chirpy 8 year old boy. he loves to study and always comes first in class. He has big dreams, and small ones too - like running and playing with his friends instead of watching them from afar.

But he has one limitation - his one short leg that makes him disabled and inhibits him from living a normal life.  

With a prosthetic limb his life can change miraculously. He will no longer have to be carried to school by his parents. He can run and play with his friends and achieve his dreams limitlessly! 


Would you like to make him walk?

Who are we

Ratna Nidhi has been a pioneer in organizing mobility camps across India for close to fifteen years. WE have distributed over 2.5 lac mobility appliances since 2001.


At our Jaipur Foot and caliper fitment center at Mahalaxmi, we can fabricate Jaipur Foot or calipers within a matter of hours.


Our center is free for all!


Any disabled person is welcome to give their measurements and avail of the appropriate customised appliance. We provide the following services at our center:


1. Fitting of Calipers to polio affected children/youth.

2. Fitting of Jaipur foot prosthetic to amputees.

3. Distribution of Hearing aids with Audio-gram


So spread the word. And help disable like Yash with a bright future. Your contribution can change someone’s future.


One of our biggest camps was conducted at Palitana, Gujarat in 2009-10 which served close to 28,549 beneficiaries.


Funding Needed:-

Total no of beneficiaries: 420

Cost per beneficiaries: 3,000

Total funding required: 12,60,000


Our Achievements

In the year 2016, Ratna Nidhi won Google Impact Challenge for Disability Award for breakthrough innovative technology that will have a positive impact for people living with disabilities.

Ratna Nidhi is working with BETiC – Biomedical Engineering and Technology(Incubation) Centre at IIT Bombay and to leverage portable 3D Scanning coupled with low cost 3D printing technologies to fabricate plastic models of residual limbs to support the socket manufacturing process. The scanner will allow technicians deployed in the field to quickly and accurately measure residual limb dimensions.

M.G.Mehta Human Spirit Award celebrated the unflattering spirit of those who face adversity and still choose the path to achieve excellence. In 2015 this award was given to Ms. Arunima Sinha by Padmavibhushan Shri Ratan Tata and last year it was given to Mr. Aditya Mehta by Padmavibhushan Shri Anna Hazare.

We in association with Alibaba Group and support has initiated Mission Million Books, which seeks to distribute Educational Books FREE of cost to educational institution in India. The project aims at Educating Young India by cultivating reading habits among children and providing access to quality reading materials.



Vipul is one of our beneficiary who received prosthetic leg at one of our mobility camp. Hear his story !

“It will be seven years that I have lived without one leg. All these years it has left me feel terrible to be disabled and to see my family struggle for me. It was in 2009 when I lost my leg to a road accident. That day was as normal as any other day for me; I never thought I would be coming back with one leg when I left my home the same morning. I am very much aware what my wife has been through, but also I know that she is stronger than me. Not a single day she has left me alone to survive with this disability. As the major responsibility of our house had fallen on my wife, I was adamant that I need to work. I knew I had to stand up strong for my wife and two children. That was the time I decided to take up this job as a watchman. Every day my wife dropped me at my work place, and then in the evening came to pick me after completing all the chores. “

“I did not like the fact that she had to take so much of trouble. I wanted to be more independent, and lessen the burden of my wife. But somehow nothing was working; my thoughts worried me throughout the day and kept me awake for several nights. Then, I came to know about some camp happening in my neighborhood. I went there to get some details on it and came to know that Ratna Nidhi Trust from Mumbai is holding a camp in Pune for disabled. That very moment there was a hope which made me smile. I somehow knew that this camp is going to help me walk again. They had taken my measurement earlier and have now fitted the leg. And finally I am taking my Jaipur foot along with me.”

“Today after so many years my family will see me entering the house without any support. I will walk without taking the support of the walls of my house.”


Few Snapshots Of Our Work 


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