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Help us raise funds for the farmers of Katgaon village in Maharashtra





Project Sanjeevani   Lokur

About the Fundraiser


The Charity Drive:

Vivek Lokur and Sarang Patange are the first Indians to participate in Global Biking Initiative Charity ride. Cycling 595 miles from Vienna- Prague- Berlin, and with elevation of more than 6000 m, we have taken up this noble cause to raise funds for Farmers in India. 

GBI Link:-


Global Biking Initiatives organizes Europe tour every year. This started with 63 cyclists in 2008, now this number of participants is reached to 500.

GBI is a platform cyclist from all over the globe come together for a ride and each raising funds for their respective cause. We took courage and payed our participation fees ourselves in March 2016. And we are glad we took that decision. We have received support from donors from many countries including Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, USA, Singapore and India! 



Why connecting Indian farmers to people in abroad?

It is always important to share experiences, success stories & knowledge with as many as people as possible.


Campaign Details:-


We have teamed up with the NGO PROCLUSTER and their project Sanjeevani; details have been shared in the links below.  Sanjeevani project is a unique project with collaboration between Engineers Without Borders - Milan (ISF-MI) and the Parivartan, an association of Indian students and professionals based in Milan.


Where will the funds go:
 All of the funds will be directed to support farmers in Katgaon village in Maharashtra. 
Under this project the team would be focused on:-
1. Creating solar energy option to farmers to be able to irrigate their field and improve their produce.
2. Developing training session for creating alternative earning activities in the village.
3. Sharing experiences, farming knowledge and food conservation/processing with guidelines to farmers.
4. Farmers pride campaign driven to create awareness within farmers about farming methods & to answer villager’s questions.

We would be meeting up farmers in Maharashtra to capture their journey through the entire agricultural year. What are their challenges & how they are trying to come over it?

We are planning to get stories of European farmers. We are planning to make a documentary with Indian & European experiences. It would be a documentary with story line Connecting Indian farmers & European farmers. With the help of Project Sanjeevani, we would be assisting Katgaon Villagers with possible solutions.

The team has worked to understand local challenges in front of farmers and daily challenges in front of villagers. They captured interviews and did surveys to note exact issues.

We would be putting all of our energy and efforts with Katgaon villagers to provide the possible solutions. 


Please get in touch with us.

Your every donation, Large or Small is important!  

 Looking forward to your support !!!




  • Reached 1/65 th of the Goal! Heartfelt Gratitude !

    by Project Sanjeevani Lokur on June, 18 2016



    1972 Summer Olympics Gold Medalist UDO HEMPEL!! 

    He is a retired Road and track cyclist from West Germany. He was a professional Road cyclist from 1973 to 1983. He shared his insights on Cycling as a career!! and How he manages to be an active cyclist at the age of 69 !

    Thanks UDO for sharing precious moments and experience!!!

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  • Reached Usti Nad Labem!

    by Project Sanjeevani Lokur on June, 01 2016



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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