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Independence Day Daawat at The Bombay Canteen

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The Bombay Canteen

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Come join us for a feast at The Bombay Canteen this 15th August, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. But if you can’t make it for the good food, here is how you can contribute to the good cause. 


At The Bombay Canteen’s 3rd Independence Day Daawat, as we make the tasty khaana, you get to make miracles happen! Miracle Foundation India turns an ordinary child care institution into a Miracle Home by helping the bacchas thrive in real time by ensuring that they are educated, fed, loved and feel safe. 


The Bombay Canteen’s initiative to support Miracle Foundation India is one that seems like a perfect match! They’ve always wanted to share the love they get from their guests, and the kids at the Miracle Foundation India deserve all the pyaar and support they can get. 


So get your flags out, paint the city in tricolour, and celebrate all things Indian this Independence Day, with good food for a good cause!



The Bombay Canteen :- 

Amidst the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, right in the heart of Lower Parel at Kamala Mills, finally a space where you can toast the old times and celebrate the new! Welcome to The Bombay Canteen, an Indian Café and Bar that promises you an exciting journey on a plate (and in a glass), albeit in a refreshing new avatar. With an entirely new approach that is fun, familiar yet innovative, the food focuses on recreating traditional recipes using seasonal ingredients, showcased in a contemporary form. The menu presents the classic yet unexplored charm of India’s diverse regions, highlighting local ingredients and marrying them expertly with familiar flavours and is best described as India Inspired cuisine. The bar, at The Bombay Canteen, has a unique selection of reimagined classic cocktails that have been given a whole new lease of life with a touch of Indian flavours.


Warm hospitality, efficient service and an inimitable space to match, this Indian Café and Bar, has everything you need to have a good time. Housed within a recreated old Mumbai bungalow, an ode to the city’s architectural history, The Bombay Canteen effortlessly transforms itself from day to night. It is the perfect spot for anything from a quick snack to a hearty lunch, a drink after work, a night about town or a fun dinner with the family. Step in to The Bombay Canteen – it’s time to embrace the past with the present.






The Miracle Foundation India :-

Miracle Foundation India is an NGO that brings life-changing care to the world’s orphans. Our mission is simple. Miracle Foundation India stands for orphaned children and helps them thrive in real time. We’ve created a measurable, repeatable and systematic method to ensure that orphans are educated, fed, loved and safe. At the same time, we explore every avenue to reunite them with their parents or relatives, when possible.


Our method:

-Ensures organizations meet the 12 Rights of the Child and rise to international standards 

-Guides leaders to resettle children with a caring, responsible relative or family—and help them stay together

-Transitions orphanages into Centers for Excellence where children thrive instead of reside


Our goal is for every child to live in a loving family; to become a healthy, happy, income-producing person—and experience a true sense of belonging.



  • You Save Tax. They Get a Miracle.

    by The Bombay Canteen on March, 21 2018



    Remember the last time you donated to Miracle Foundation? Well, we want to thank you with all our heart for your contribution.

    We wanted to know if you were looking to make a difference, while saving on your taxes? You can donate to make miracles for children through our campaign 'You Save Tax. They Get a Miracle'. 

    All donations are tax-deductible​, and​ we'll email you a receipt immediately for you to get a 50% exemption on your taxes.  

    If you don't wish to make a donation, then it would be great if you could empower your friends and family to make miracles with you -- share this campaign! Sharing is Caring! :)

    Team Miracle Foundation 

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

  • Founder Caroline Boudreaux featured in New Indian Express

    by The Bombay Canteen on August, 30 2017



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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    A Gift of School supplies!

    Give the gift of school supplies. Shoes, bags, uniforms, and stationary per child per year.

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    Estimated Delivery: Aug 2017

    This campaign has ended!

    A Gift of Education!

    School fees, coaching support and study material per child per year.

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    Estimated Delivery: Aug 2017

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    A Gift of Reading!

    A library for a children’s home of 50 kids.

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    This campaign has ended!

    The Gift of empowerment!

    Everything a child needs to grow and thrive: water, food, healthcare, education, care, and stability per child per year.

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    Estimated Delivery: Aug 2017

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