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Spreading attitude of Gratitude

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Abhar Utsav festival is being celebrated to express our gratitude by writing thanks postcards.





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What is Abhar Utsav?

Spreading attitude of Gratitude

Join the global community to celebrate Abhar Utsav this November. Abhar Utsav will instill and promote the attitude of Gratitude, around the world. YOU can support to bring this project to reality and bring smiles to a million faces.

Abhar Utsav started in 2015, when during 15 - 21 November, thousands of college students sent Thank-you postcards to express gratitude to different people in their lives. It is an occasion to reflect on all that we consume from the world and Thank people who have contributed positively to our lives. The attitude of Gratitude enables us to remain humble, expand our mindset and become Happier. Many more young people, from several different countries expressed interest to participate and take Abhar Utsav further in their organisations or campuses. More details on Abhar Utsav are available on

In 2016, there would be over a million people touched by this concept! Young volunteers (Abhar Utsav Leaders) are spreading the word and sharing with people beautiful Abhar postcards designed in association with Art for Akanksha.

Art for Akanksha is about children and their fascinating creative expression. It empowers children from low-income communities with a powerful art education, provides art-related career opportunities for Akanksha alumni and generates revenue through high-quality products. More details can be found on

Celebrate Abhar Utsav

Happiness to a million hearts

Organisations and individuals around the world are celebrating Abhar Utsav by sending Thanks messages and cards to all who made a contribution in their lives. Abhar Utsav encourages bonding between teams. 

Change your Facebook profile pic to show that you support Abhar Utsav, by clicking here

Fund the project on Ketto to support the Abhar Utsav movement spread Happiness to a million hearts. Also receive Abhar cards as rewards.

Volunteer to become a Abhar Utsav Leader and spread the word in your campus. Contact us on for more details. 

Share your views and experiences on social media to inspire many more, with #AbharUtsav


What is Abhar Utsav?

Abhar Utsav is a community driven festival, to spread Attitude of Gratitude and Happiness around the world by encouraging people to write thanks postcards, designed by children at Akanksha Foundation.

Who are we?

We are team Karmyo - a social startup supporting individuals to discover and spread Happiness. We are building a ‘Social Good Network’ where individuals, companies and NGOs will get connected in a unique way. Our slogan is “Wanna be happy? Just be.”

Abhar Utsav is one such initiative that started with a small gesture and is now becoming a global movement driven by volunteers. It aims to spread the attitude of Gratitude.

Why crowdfunding?

Abhar Ustav is driven by the community. It’s a event for the crowd, by the crowd. Our goal is to inspire a million people around the world. To achieve this, we need your financial support. On the other hand, through crowd funding, more and more awesome people can become a part of this movement. Seems like, you are already inspired by this idea. Please support us and spread Happiness all around.

How will money be used?

  1. The funds would be used in the following key ways:
  2. Print 200,000 Abhar cards and ship to volunteers around the world
  3. Design and make 125 t-shirts for AU Leaders and selected supporters
  4. Promotions, Communications & Logistics (sending cards to leaders around the world)
  5. Donation to Akanksha Foundation

Who are Abhar Utsav Leaders and how could I become one?

Abhar Utsav is driven by the power of community. Abhar Utsav Leaders are those influencers who volunteer to spread the word about Abhar Utsav to all the people around them. They are mostly college students from around the world, but also many working professionals. They receive support from the central team, related to communications, postcards etc. This experience enables them to develop entrepreneurial skills and connect with the amazing group of dynamic Abhar Utsav Leaders. More details can be seen on our website or simply email for more details

Why should I put my hard-earned money to support Abhar Utsav?

Abhar Utsav is a way to spread Love and Happiness in the world. These are iimportant purposes of our lives, aren’t they? And by supporting Abhar Utsav, you will take a stand for something you believe in. You will inspire all the people around you. You shall be a part of a global movement. And lastly, you shall receive some really cool rewards from our team.

Will my money make any difference?

Started with a small gesture, last year Abhar Utsav touched around 25,000 people. And this year, it will reach over a million people around the world. Your contributions will enable this movement to reach its maximum potential. It will support directly to bring smiles on faces. And when you become a part of this movement, you will see that it made a difference not only in the world, but also in YOU!

Thank You!


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