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Samir Singh (100km x 100 Days)

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On 29th April 2017, Samir Singh, an ultra marathoner from India embarked on an inconceivable journey of pushing human endurance to the extreme. He has undertaken to run 100km every day for 100 days, covering a total distance of 10,000 kilometers. Samir is the first long distance athlete in the world to conceive and attempt this extraordinary feat. As on 12th July 2017, he has successfully completed 75 days. 


However, what is remarkable about this unknown athlete is that he's pursuing his challenge without any professional support of a support group, organization, physiotherapist, masseur, or dietitian.

Fortunately, Vikram and Vandana Bhatti, a brother sister duo, who happen to be running enthusiasts too, have created a small support group of friends to help Samir through the last leg of his challenge. Their pro-bono Facebook campaign 'The Faith Runner' aims to spread his incredible story and gather resources for Samir's recovery once he completes his challenge.

Samir has already lost 15kg body weight and one can only imagine the stress his muscles and body are bearing. He would require concentrated medical attention from doctors, nutritionists, physicians, and dieticians for a safe and timely recovery. 


'The Faith Runner Support Group' has approached crowd funding to generate resources for the crucial medical support that Samir is bound to require after running 10,000km (6124 miles). It is a necessary expense that Samir has not catered for. As a goodwill gesture, The Faith Runner Support Group will be publishing/sharing Samir’s medical reports for the benefit of Doctor or Physician who might be interested in knowing the body impact after such a grueling endurance run. Such information will be of great help to future long distance athletes.

Please note, Samir Singh's 100km into 100days challenge is not for any reward. He is a devotee of Lord Krishna and his endurance challenge is a tribute to his Lord. If at all, he's running to reinstate Faith in a world that is riddled with doubt. 



Hope you will appreciate 'The Faith Runners' dedication and grit. Give him a change to a healthy recovery. And yes, hold on to faith! 




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