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The Yellow Bag- Say No to Plastic Bags! #goyellow

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Join hands to create cloth bags and replace plastic bag. Generate stress-free sustainable employment for women.





Krishnan Subramanian
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    Thanks everyone for being with us till the end of the campaign. You are our strength. Let's march ahead.

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    Thanks for helping us reach 30% of the goal amount. You have actually given us strength and clarity of purpose. Do share the word with friends and help us reach the goal amount soon.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

About The Yellow Bag:

 The Yellow Bag is an initiative working on reducing hazardous plastic bags, being environment-friendly and providing mass employment. The Yellow Bag initiative not only makes eco-friendly cloth bags but also conducts awareness campaigns with students and communities about the problems of using plastic bags.  The initiative follows Gandhian principles and prefers producing the cloth bags with the help of the mass and giving employment opportunities to women.

How did ‘ The Yellow Bag’ come to life?

My wife Gowri  and I ( Krishnan) were leading a satisfying married life, with both of us working in two big MNCs in Chennai. Our perspectives in life changed after the birth of our daughter in 2010. We started to grow more concerned about our next generation and felt something needs to be done to change the unsustainable way of living in the society. That is how we came with the idea of The Yellow Bag, an initiative to make the society plastic-free. We wanted to do away with the use of plastic bags. We wanted to make cloth bags in rural India sell it at a genuine price to shops and events. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and the chemicals used to make plastic bags like xylene, ethylene oxide, and benzene are toxic. Some of them are carcinogen and are sources of various diseases and disorders in humans.

How are the bags made or why are they eco friendly?

 Cotton is made from the flowers of cotton plant; completely renewable resource. Plastic is made from crude oil and other chemicals; completely non-renewable resource. We do not dye our cloth for coloring. Dyeing is a toxic process and has killed many rivers in India. We use handheld screen printing to print our bags. This needs very minimal water and engages more people to work.


Where are we based?

TheYellowBag is based out of Madurai, Tamilnadu (India). Our tailors are from Rural or urban underprivileged communities. Today we engage 25 plus women to make affordable cloth bags. They have so far made bags for 150 plus clients across India. Cloth bags from TheYellowBag are not just environment friendly, they also create local livelihood.


What damage plastic is causing today?

 Over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century. Less than 5% of it is recycled.  Rest all are dumped into our land, ocean or burnt and mixed with our air. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. In all ways, they pollute our air, water and land causing toxic effects on the environment.


How is The Yellow Bag a better option?

Worldwide a plastic bag gets used for 30 minutes before it is thrown away. Cloth bags are re-usable,recyclable, biodegradable,sturdy and are completely natural. One cloth bag can effectively replace the use of 1000 plastic bag.

Rewards will be shipped within India alone. Can not ship to address outside India. Kindly excuse us on it.

Images of the bags below are for representation alone.  We are working on a super wow limited edition bag for our supporters from Ketto.


More Information:

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