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Help The Feline Foundation’s TRAP.NEUTER.RETURN programme and control the population of stray cats and dogs in Mumbai.


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Why the cause? 

Thousands of stray cats and dogs are run over each day on the streets of Mumbai. When they are safe from our cars, they are attacked by other animals and humans. Every week, we find tons of strays whose limbs have been crushed, who have wounds infested with maggots, and who are very close to death from viral infections. The Feline Foundation is an organisation striving to improve the lives of stray cats and dogs in every way possible. We use the trap-neuter-return (TNR) method to control the population of street animals and improve their health at the same time.


To date, we have carried out:

  • 800+ rescues
  • 450+ sterilisations
  • 530+ adoptions

More than 200,000 stray cats and dogs in the city still need your help!


What is The Feline Foundation?

The Feline Foundation was founded in 2017 by Cat Café Studio, to take our commitment to helping cats to the next level. While rescuing cats for over 7 years, we noticed countless issues that prevented us from making the full impact that we intended to. All these experiences have led us to start up the five activities written below. Through these activities, we will be able to address the root causes of poor health and abuse of street animals in a holistic way and therefore make a sustainable improvement in their lives.

1) MEDICAL CARE - Providing medical care to all street animals in need

2) SPAYING AND NEUTERING - Spaying and neutering through an area-wise approach

3) SHELTER FOR ELDERLY - Providing extra shelter for elderly and special needs animals, who are often overlooked

4) COMMUNITY OUTREACH - Involving the community in helping us improve the lives of street animals, through education, training and providing food and first aid kits

5) DISASTER MANAGEMENT - Protecting street animals from natural and man-made disasters



A single unspayed female can be responsible for as many as 49,000 kittens over 10 years. 

Stray kittens (especially in a busy city like Mumbai) have a high chance of dying, getting injured or sick. Neutering cats also reduces the occurrence of fights and cancers in adult cats. Every single spay/neuter drive will prevent 360 kittens from being born and suffering on the streets in the next year. This is the story of a kitten which we have had to rescue because her parents weren’t neutered:

Ophelia is a kitten who was found by one of our staff outside her building with a viral disease. She was brought to the Foundation and kept in isolation, hoping that the infection would go away, which luckily happened. However, this is not always the case. A large number of kittens born on the street get this viral infection, for which there is no cure. The majority of kittens who get this infection end up dying, and on average, over 2 out of every 4 kittens in a litter die. 

We use the trap-neuter-return (TNR) method to control the population of street animals and improve their health at the same time.



Our vision is to support strays until the last one is safe. Our core belief is that every animal deserves their spot in this world, and we work day in day out to support them in every way we can. People like you, who support us, are the reason why we are able to carry on helping them. We urgently need all of your help to be able to raise funds and help these suffering animals.


Help The Feline Foundation’s TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN programme and help control the population of stray cats and dogs in Mumbai



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