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Vaidehi is 1! Her gift to UP rural kids: schoolbus

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My daughter Vaidehi just turned one. We are celebrating by getting rural kids in UP a schoolbus.





Neelesh  Misra
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About the Fundraiser


Who am I? 

I'm Neelesh Misra, a Bollywood lyricist, journalist, author and a radio storyteller.You might have heard some of my songs in 30-odd films -- starting with "Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai" (2002) in `Jism' to "Kuchh To Bata Zindagi" in `Bajrangi Bhaijaan" last year. I also narrate radio stories every day across the country.
But instead of reciting a story for you, I want to talk about a cause that's very close to my heart. It's for my beautiful daughter Vaidehi.
What motivated me?
Vaidehi turned 1 on 07.07.16 and I want to go beyond buying her a birthday cake and wishing her all the happiness in the world. 
I want her birthday to have a positive impact on the lives of children in the rural areas.
What's my cause?
I strongly believe that education plays an important role in the growth and development of a child. 
Children even today have to walk several kilometres to school resulting in low attendance. Adding a transport will help children staying far from school to get access to primary and compulsory education.
Why am I raising funds?
I want to raise funds for Bharatiya Gramin Vidyalaya
These funds will be utilised by them to provide a bus to travel to school giving children a shot at a brighter future.
With your support, I plan on doing this every year on Vaidehi's birthday.
It'll be great if you could contribute and help me and my daughter give children access to education and thus a better future.

   About The NGO

Bharatiya Gramin Vidyalaya


Our Founder Dr. S.B.Misra was born in a poor family in 1940s in a remote village, 40 kilometres from state capital Lucknow. Misra was fond of studies but there was no school in the neighbourhood and child Misra had to walk to the nearest school 12 kilometres away.

With the hardships of walking 4 hours each day - 24 kms back and forth to school he would often question why there was no school in the neighbourhood. Education was so difficult that rarely one could study beyond Class V.

In spite of all challenges, it was due to Misra’s hard work and determination that he grew up to be the first person to in the village to be High School. Post Graduate and later fly in a plane.

Misra got a scholarship to pursue his Masters in Newfoundland, Canada. During his Masters, he came into made limelight with his discovery of one of the oldest form of life on earth. This captured world’s attention and newspaper carried reports of this ‘Young Indian Graduate’ who discovered some of the oldest forms of life on earth later named after him – fractofusus misrai.

It used to bother him that even today children in his school had to walk the same walk to school. Green Card Holder Misra, decided quit the glamorous career in Canada and US and come back home to start a school in the same village.

On return, Misra constituted a society by name of Bhartiya Gramin Vidyalaya and got it registered in 1971. The society has been supported by learned people from the IITs, the Film Industry, Multinational Companies. There is active participation of the office bearers of the committee that runs the activities. Dr S..B.Misra accompanied with his wife Nirmala Misra founded the school – Bhartiya Gramina Vidyalaya in 1972 with the dream to educate the children in the village and nearby.

The organisation since 1972 has transformed lives of thousands of people not only through education but also through socio economic welfare programmes like training courses for unemployed youth, courses for young widows, entrepreneurship programme for women, forestation drives, tailoring courses and lots more. The organisation is imparting computer education and has demonstrated some very good results in Board Examinations.


We are requesting donations to be able to support transportation facility for children in far away areas who either cannot come to school due to distance or have poor attendance due to lack of transportation facility.

Planned Expenses:

Force Traveller School Bus Ex Showroom  Rate  Rs. 8,19,721
Temp Registration  Rs. 2000
RTO 70,000
Insurance 31,000
Total   9,22,721
Add Parking Arrangements, Driver  - Discounts  
10 Lakhs


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