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Mohsin Sheikh

About the Fundraiser

I  am Mohsin Sheikh Alumini of IIT Roorkee and  LPU (2016 & 2014th Batch)



I am trying to raise funds for my father who is suffering from cervical Cord & Rib Cage Injury and need immediate treatment.

The estimate cost of treatment is too high for our family to pay as we have already spent whole amount on earlier treatment and medicines from last 90 days.


My father Sajjad Sheikh is driver and our family lives in Nagpur. On 6th April my father met with a serious road accident in which his cervical cord (C2 to C6 ) gets compressed and nerves got damaged & it completely changed our life since then.


He got injured 50 kms away from nagpur, while coming back to home due to sudden bursting of rear tyre of mini truck (SCV).


Due to sudden bursting of tyre on highway, vehicle lost control and fell from in to 20 to 30 ft deep ditch along the road side. His hands and legs movement completely lost immediately after the accident and had to wait for hours for the first aid and help, untill some strangers find out.


Doctors keep him in ICU for about a month and but he is still struggling to lead a cheerful life, doctors say he might be able to survive and can walk again if operated well in time from Indian Spinal Injury Centre, vasantkunj Delhi.


We studied through education loans and don't have any property to sell out for treatment as we live on rent itself.

Only thing we are trying to sell is vehicle which is also old broken and damaged after accident and needs repairing first.

After him, I am the only earning hand for my family and I am trying my best to spend as much as I earn and have already spend what we had and also took help of friends and relatives but the cost of treatment and daily medicines is exceeding beyond our income and debts are continuously increasing.


We might not know you but you can still help him to survive and Rise up against all odds by the little contribution you make for him in the name of humanity or for a good cause.


I request you to please keep him in your prayers and help us generously so that he can live, stand, walk and run again.


I believe together you all can make the Difference.


I am confident than he can lift himself up with thousands hands of help which are going to rise for him.


Attaching below cost of surgery and much needed treatment given by ISIC Delhi which we need and seeking help for it.

In case you want to know more about us and have any advise or suggestions.

Please reach us out here.


Mohsin Sheikh/Wasim Sheikh










    by Mohsin Sheikh on July, 10 2017



    Hello All,

    With the prayer and wishes of all of you who supported us in difficult times, my father has been slowly coming out of danger as most of problems which became life threatening few days back are all in control and his vitals seems to be okay by each passing day .

    Meanwhile he was become so weak mentally and physically that he could not even respire.

    Blood vometing, Ulcers, Internal bleeding& pleural effsuion made it worst than ever but by god's grace he came out of the situation and all his vitals seems working well.

    With Love from all and help of supporters we bring him to ISIC hospital on 19th of last month where he gone through critical treatment in ICU for 10 days and now he is going through multiple session of physiotherapy each day to regain his health and movement, whatsoever possible.

    He has been going through multiple  physiotherapy sessions to regain his health and 

    Me My father and  My whole family pray and wish that no one should ever face these situation in their life and if it happens so Humanity should stand Tall to help others by thinking as their own.

    Till now we got so much support seeking the same for few days so that we can raise the funds for his treatment and  save and improve his life in any possible way,.

    Joy of giving is much precious than anything.

    If you always give, you will always have. 

    Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who have need of a man's help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.


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  • Where there is WILL there is Definite WAY

    by Mohsin Sheikh on June, 15 2017



    Pray for my father as Fervent prayers produce phenomenal results and he really needs it  .

    Now we need you all more than ever as all of sudden  my father's health got critical and he has been diagnosed with many problems and he is trying to overcome by one by one.

     Although by each passing day our miseries are in increasing but we are in high spirit to overcome all.

    Thank you all to all wishers for helping us to achieve the 48 % milestone. This is no small achievement, me, my father and my whole family deeply indebted to each of you who have helped in any possible way.

    We are shifting him from one hospital to other and in last six days we have to changed three hospital.

    He is currently admitted in Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur and  is in very critical condition from last Thursday as along with Cervical cord injury he has also been diagnosed with large duodenal Ulcers.

    Back to back he went through several procedures including Endoscopy, Angiography and Embolization to prevent excessive internal bleeding and blood vometting.

    These treatments are not only painful and tough on the body but also very expensive.The cost of single Procedure of Embolization itself exceeded 1.5 lacs and  the costly antibiotics further adding quick expenses.

    His hemoglobin level was drastically decreased due to continuous bleeding and hence we have to provide him blood frequently. Thanks to all who have come forward in blood donation.

    He is now survived on BiPAP Ventilator as he is finding it difficult to breath normally from last two days. This was due to lung infection and high level of fluids accumulation in chest, yesterday doctors had removed 600 ml of fluid from his body in order to ease breathing.

    We were about to bring him Delhi last Sunday but just before the scheduled date, he fell sick and has been diagnosed with multiple problems that need to be treated immediately and we can’t take him to Spinal Center Delhi for treatment until all her health parameters gets corrected.

    The silver lining is that he has been fighting all this with all his might and limited resources available. 

    Please continue your support to make us strong and complete the finish line.

    Looking at our father's will to survive and get out of this extreme moment and live again, we have strong belief and faith in God’s that he will beat all odds and emerge victorious.

     Please Please Please continue your support for the campaign in whatever ways you can. Help us reach out to your circles. Thanking you all once again!

    Because LIFE WINS 

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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