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About the Fundraiser

As Journalists we do agree with experts that  digital publication is the best way for communication and spreading awareness.Journalism seeks a popular audience rather than academic one.Blend news with entertainment to reach the masses.

Keeping in mind the increasing crime against humanity, public interest journalism can educate and aware people about these social menace.As journalists we should know that we are not here ( journalism) to merely make a living. We should believe in Mission of Journalism.And obviously, crowd funding is the future of journalism if we want to avoid outside interference in editorial policies.

Under the guidence of Shanthanu Bhattachaarya(pic above), an experienced media blogger and news researcher based in Kolkata, West Bengal, we are running a blog Crime and More World: Help Desk Women Safety  but we prefer to call it a demo version of our much awaited interactive international magazine style website which will emphasize on crime against Humanity whether it is crime against Women, Child Abuse, Cross Border Terrorism, Refugee Crisis or issues that matter most but without any partisan view. In our home page we present news relating to crime against humanity including crime against women,child abuse,cross border terrorism, women 's empowernment, human rights violation and other related topics which usually avoid by mainstream media.We also believe that it is the right time to speak out loud against Fake News.

Here Women can scribble their own problems and sick help from concerned authorities. It's their platform From the Women : For  the Women.

If you go through the site, you can find that we have various sections such as Your Case: We Investigate where we try to provide support to women in distress and help them to sort out their problems in a more professional way.Similarly, in Crime against Women and Children, we provide various important weblinks to understand the real situation.Also we have regular video streaming of important stories which depict human values.

We are getting  encouraging comments from visitors who visit our site quite often which give us the encouragement to look forward to launch our interactive website which will speak about humanity.

We also have a  plan to conduct regular  workshops on community journalism for rural and semi urban women and provide them video cameras to capture the real stories of women, their achievements, their struggle, their fight back. They also earn decent  money as community journalists.

We did some experimental works which reflected the concept of independent  journalism. Few years back, we edited an alternative women's print magazine in  Bengali language which emphasized on women's empowerment with shoestring budget and skeleton stuff but without compromising content and  production quality. Internationally acclaimed models and actressess gave their consent to publish their pictures which they provided  to publish on cover and inner pages without charging  a single penny. We also published Bengali translation of important articles written by eminent writers from around the world with their written consent.So we have the expertise to produce international quality magazines both print and online.We also have the expertise how to use the internet without violating someone's copyright.We do believe that internet is not a public domain.

Therefore, we need some fund around Rs 2,00,000 to run our not for profit venture.



Break Up

Rs 70,000 for website development and promotional activities in social media.

Rs. 60,000 for conducting workshops on community journalism and for purchasing ( initially second hand) handy cam video cameras.

Rs.70,000 reserve fund for our various not for profit activities such as provide honorium to our community journalists and purchasing  news from various international news agencies and media outlets.




Bharati Bose

News Co Ordinator


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