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Watch how Nishchint raised funds for Chamcham, Viacom18's resident dog.

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Why you should use crowdfunding?

If you're an animal lover, you may want to take care of every injured or sick animal that you come across, be it a stray dog, cat, cow or even a crow. But that's not always possible because sometimes veterinary charges can be fairly high - managing these costs all by yourself can be difficult. That's exactly when you can turn to online crowdfunding and get fellow animal lovers to chip in so no animal is left unattended because of lack of funds.

Over 5000 animal lovers have successfully raised funds for their cause using crowdfunding.

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Turn to crowdfunding when...

You spot an animal hit by a car or if an animal is sick and needs medical attention.

You want to help the animal shelter/charity/NGO with funds so they can fund their operations.

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