What's Marathon Fundraising?

It's basically associating your run with a cause. You have the power to raise funds for the NGO, trust or charity partner you think does great work. If you start a marathon fundraiser, you'll not only have completed a marathon, you'll have spearheaded a social cause. And we think that's pretty amazing!

Why is everyone
taking it up?

Who'd want to miss out on this chance of doing good!

Now anyone can raise money for any nonprofit organization or their friends who are in need, or even themselves. All you need is a good cause and access to the Internet. We'll take care of the rest! And you'd be surprised with the kind of response your cause will get. Here are some stories for you to see!

How should you go about it?

Decided to raise funds? Pat yourself on the back. Still have doubts? Read these!

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If you want to understand, marathon fundraising better, call on 9870173939 or drop an email at dhruv@ketto.org.

What our campaigners are saying...

“I have been running the marathon for a couple of years now. With Ketto, I got a chance to make a difference to society . My fundraiser for Asha Hyderabad helped me provide education to the underpriviledged.”

Sriram Manthrala

Campaigner for Airtel Hyderabad Marathon
“We started a campaign on Ketto with a small thought of helping Angel Xpress Foundation. The unconditional love of individuals and the big heart of giving resulted in raising 40 times the funds. Extremely grateful to Ketto for providing us with such a wonderful platform."

Rayna Chandavakar

Campaigner for Footsteps 4 Good