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Are campaigns in Ketto genuine?

    Are campaigns in Ketto genuine

    What is Ketto?

    Ketto is Asia’s largest online crowdfunding platform. The purpose of Ketto as a donation-based crowdfunding platform to fill a growing void, within the age-old Indian culture of giving grew on to become a revolution.

    When was Ketto Founded?

    Varun Sheth founded Ketto on December 12, 2012, and since then it has changed the lives of thousands of people who have interacted through it. Varun Seth united with Bollywood actor and humanitarian Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala. They added a powerful blend of techno-disruptor vision giving Ketto precedence over other crowdfunding platforms.

    Ketto Healthfirst

    At its very roots crowdfunding is an activity of amassing funds from a large number of people. We all are part of a broader community due to the presence of the internet and its collective media lattice; this empowers individuals to arrange funds from people across the world. However, it also raises questions about the credibility of campaigns on ketto.

    Through this blog, we strive to raise awareness and explain in a brief different measure taken by us to ensure that every campaign in ketto is genuine.

    Every campaigner is required to enter a digital agreement to raise funds on Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform. Ensuring the campaigner meets transparent and ethical legal standards.

    The Fundraising Process at Ketto

    Ketto strives to ensure a seamless, positive and secure fundraising process. Authenticity and transparency are never compromised. We do not encourage donation pages that attempt to avoid the prescribed donation method, i.e., posting direct links to alternative payment methods. We direct people to the large ‘Contribute Now’ button found on each Ketto donation page.

    At ketto, we ensure that personal information, contact numbers, addresses etc. are not revealed.

    Ketto’s Payment Partners

    To ensure credibility and transparency, we have partnered with top payment gateways like PayU, Stripe & Billdesk. To ensure our campaigners get higher funds, we also accept online modes of payment via net banking, credit cards, debit cards & UPI etc.

    Campaigns on our platform feature the best secure payment encryption technology along with SSL certification to safeguard sensitive information of both the donors and campaigners.

    When you support a fundraiser, you will receive notifications through email, SMS and WhatsApp. 

    You can also directly send the campaigner a message by visiting their fundraiser page.

    Every month thousands of fundraisers are created on our platform. It is our constant endeavour to ensure the safety and security of our platform and all who interact with it. Despite all our measures, some fraudulent fundraisers may slip through. We earnestly ask you to help us locate cases of fraud on our platform and report it to us along with evidence to support your claim.

    Our team will immediately ensure a swift resolution to valid issues and claims.

    What is the verification, documentation & payment withdrawal process on Ketto?

    To eradicate fraudulent activities and in adherence to the terms of user policy, Ketto marks all the medical fundraisers under the ‘Pre-Approval’ stage, at the initiation.

    In this stage, the campaigner has limited access to the product features and other crowdfunding benefits. Ketto verifies each and every medical fundraiser submitted on the platform. Only upon successful verification, Ketto approves the fundraiser and allows the campaigner to withdraw funds. A team of dedicated and professional compliance executives perform deep verification that includes

    • cross-checking medical reports submitted by the campaigner. In the event of the documents being incorrect/fake/invalid/forged, etc the team coordinates with the campaigner to make sure only recent and valid documents are submitted.

    • For the withdrawal process, Ketto primarily prefers to transfer funds to the patient Hospital’s account. In the circumstances wherein the hospital documents cannot be uploaded by the campaigner, the funds are only then transferred to the patient’s account. The verification here includes a basic Address, Bank and Pan KYC check.

    • To ensure the highest level of security, Ketto follows a 3 layer check in the payout compliance thus ensuring minimal fault events. Only once these checks are completed, the campaigner are then eligible to put a withdrawal request for the funds collected.

    • Post this step, the funds are transferred to the approved bank account within 2-5 business days.

    Raising funds on ketto is now free.

    Detailed information and answers to all your queries are an email away. Write to Or chat with us on WhatsApp (Click below button)


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