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Is Ketto Genuine?

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    Ketto is Genuine


    Ketto works to ensure a smooth, successful, and secure fundraising process for all. Is Ketto Genuine? Yes! Transparency and authenticity are never compromised. We do not support contribution pages that try to circumvent the required donation process by publishing direct links to different payment options. We guide visitors to each Ketto contribution page’s sizable “Contribute Now” button.

    At ketto, we make sure that private information like names, phone numbers, and addresses is kept private.

    1000+ campaigners and over 1 Lakh donors have put their trust in Ketto. We invite you too.

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    How Ketto Strives To Ensure a Safe, Reliable and Genuine Crowdfunding Platform?

    Ketto is dedicated to following ethical business practices, adhering to all applicable laws, and ensuring that its crowdfunding platform is not used to support unlawful activities. To accomplish this, we have an Anti-Money Laundering Policy (“AML Policy”) in place.

    What is Money Laundering?

    “Money laundering” is generally understood to refer to any act or attempt (directly or indirectly, including by association in one step of a series of transactions) to conceal or disguise the source and ownership of proceeds obtained illegally in order to avoid prosecution, conviction, and confiscation of such proceeds. Terrorist organisations, tax evaders, smugglers, bribers, and anybody who receives money for unlawful acts and/or through illegal ways may all be implicated in money laundering.

    Ketto Healthfirst

    Recognizing money laundering activities necessitates awareness of any suspicious conduct which can occur at any moment.

    The Following Is A List Of Acts That People Linked With Ketto Should Avoid:

    1. Users that are reluctant to provide complete information, or those that provide incomplete, false or suspicious information and/ or are unwilling to comply with Ketto’s identification requirements;

    2. Users that appear as agents or representatives for other individuals or organisations but refuse to provide complete information about such individuals or organisations;

    3. Any person, including a Ketto employee, that is concerned about or seeks to avoid any reporting requirements or refuses to maintain required records;

    4. Payments made in cash or cash equivalents only (such as money orders, traveller cheques, internet currencies or prepaid cash cards);

    5. Donations of large amounts that appear to be out of place or inconsistent with normal donation patterns, in the absence of any legitimate requirement for such donation;

    6. Requests for payments to be made in unrelated countries or to third parties;

    7. Multiple partial payments from various parties on behalf of a single user and/or multiple partial payments from various locations;

    8. Users making payments in one form, then requesting refunds in other forms (for example, making payments by credit card, but requesting refunds in cash or by wire transfers);

    9. Users making contributions, followed by immediate requests to wire out or transfer the funds to a third party or firm without connected purposes;

    10. Users requesting for donations to be paid in cash or wired to a third party or firm without connected purposes;

    11. On-boarding of users by Ketto employees based on incomplete information or in contravention of Ketto’s policies;

    12. Acceptance of incentives by a Ketto employee for breaching Ketto’s policies;

    13. Users connected to countries and/ or persons identified as non-cooperative by the Reserve Bank of India, Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering established by the G-7 Summit in 1987, Office of Foreign Assets Control, US Department of Treasury and international organisations against money laundering.

    Similarly, to ensure compliance Ketto users should at all time be aware and act in accordance to the below:

    Steps To Ensure Compliance

     1. Applicable Laws Compliance:

    • Users must ensure that they access and/or use Ketto’s platform in accordance with all applicable laws at all times.
    • Individuals that contribute or give to campaigns should also make sure that the funds used to contribute or donate to the campaign were not obtained via illegal means.
    • Those who collect donations for a campaign must also guarantee that the funds are not utilised for any illicit purposes.

    2. Suspicious Behavior Reporting:

    Users must immediately report any suspicious activity or red flag they encounter when accessing or utilising Ketto’s platform to the appropriate government authorities.

    Ketto may take one or more of the following actions if it learns of suspicious transactions or any violation of relevant law or this policy. 


    1. Conduct an investigation into the occurrence;

    2. Notify the proper government official about the event;

    3. Put a campaign on hold or remove it;

    4. Have the user account(s) suspended or deleted.

    5. Any other activities or steps that Ketto deems necessary.

    Here are a few steps we urge our campaigners, donors and visitors to take to keep fraudulent fundraisers or donors in check. 

    1. How do I report a fundraiser that seems fraudulent?

    It is our continual goal to make Ketto the safest and most secure platform possible for everyone. We immediately take action if we come across a fundraising that isn’t transparent or launched with a bad purpose.

    However, each month, hundreds of fundraisers are formed on our site, and despite our stringent verification procedures, some fake fundraisers get through. As a result, we’ve decided to solicit your assistance in locating fraud incidents on our site.

    If you come across a fundraising like this, please report it to us along with proof to back up your allegation. Our staff will look into it right away and make sure the problem is resolved quickly.

    The following are instances in which you should report a fundraiser:

    1. The campaigner is lying or being misleading about their identity
    2. The campaigner is misrepresenting their relationship to the beneficiary of the fundraiser
    3. The campaigner is raising funds in the name of someone without their consent
    4. The campaigner is posting false statements in the fundraiser or statements inciting violence
    5. The campaigner is posting personal information eg. number, address, illness, photos, documents, etc. of an individual without their consent
    6. The campaigner is using copyrighted material in a fundraiser
    7. The campaigner is committing a violation of the Information Technology Act, 2000

    2. How can you report a fundraiser?

    On the bottom of the fundraiser, click the ‘Report this Fundraiser to Ketto’ button. This button will be seen on every Ketto fundraiser. You will be sent to a form that you must fill out in order to report the fundraising.

    3. What will Ketto do with my complaint?

    Your complaint will be forwarded to our Trust & Safety department. Our teams will go over your complaint and conduct an inquiry to verify the facts. In order to conclude the issue, you may be called for further information, so make sure you include your most recent contact information.

    Within 5 business days, you will get the results of our inquiry.

    As an additional firewall we at Ketto have introduced what we call a seal of assurance or Ketto assured. 

    How do I know my donation will reach the beneficiary?

    You will receive update notifications via Email/SMS/WhatsApp over the following months about the fundraiser that you supported.

    You can also visit the fundraiser and send a message to the campaigner.

    How is a donor’s identity and payment information protected by Ketto?

    At Ketto, we value safety above anything else. Ketto recognises that the way your data is used and shared is important to you.

    When it comes to the collecting, storage, and dissemination of personally identifiable donor and campaigner information, we use physical, technological, and procedural measures.

    All transactions are protected by 128-bit encryption.

    Ketto assures that the information you enter will be kept private and that your donations will be secure. All of your personal information, such as your name, phone number, email address, and address, is encrypted by our secure-server software. The encryption procedure turns the text you type into bits of code, which are then securely transferred to the payment gateways over the internet.

    Review our privacy policy for more information here

    How is a fundraiser verified by Ketto?

    Before starting a fundraiser, all campaigners undergo a KYC verification, based on the submitted legal identity proofs and other supporting documents.

    A Ketto Executive also reviews the information submitted by the campaigner and if needed, gets in touch with the campaigner for further discussion.

    All campaigners at Ketto are also required to enter a digital agreement to raise funds. This agreement makes clear the ethical and legal standards campaigners have to meet.

    For more information click here:

    Trust & Safety

    We at Ketto give utmost importance to safety and strive to make the fundraising process seamless, positive and most importantly secure. We never let authenticity and transparency take a back seat.

    • Will I get the money I raised from my campaign?
    • Does my donation actually reach the cause?
    • Could my money get lost in cyberspace?

    It’s your hard-earned money; of course, you have questions. Don’t you worry; we’re here to answer them! Especially “Is Ketto Genuine?”

    What you should know about us:

    The NGOs/charity partners that team up with us go through a verification process that requires them to submit valid documents. Each NGO is verified before their account is activated on Ketto.

    Similarly, for personal causes or individuals who are raising funds for personal needs, our team does a KYC of the individual before starting the campaign and tries to approve only the genuine ones.

    Ketto does not encourage donation pages that attempt to avoid the prescribed donation method i.e., posting direct links to alternative payment methods. We direct people to the large ‘Contribute Now’ button found on each Ketto donation page.

    Please report any pages that request direct payments or users who attempt to contact you to arrange an alternative method of payment.

    Do not reveal your personal information like contact number, or address details to anyone who requests it using the ‘Message’ feature on your Ketto page. We never contact users through this method. You can share your email address if need be. Additionally, exercise caution if you receive offers from 3rd-party fundraising companies or individuals offering personal assistance.

    NEVER arrange to personally meet anyone who contacts you through your Ketto page.

    Report any suspicious activity directly to us and help us and ensure the question is Ketto Genuine does not arise!

    Why a fundraiser need not worry:

    • How do I trust the payment process?
      We’ve partnered up with credible payment gateways like PayU, Stripe, Billdesk. The chances of getting funds are higher because we not only accept all online modes of payment i.e. net banking, debit card, credit card and UPI etc
    • But is it safe?
      Your Ketto campaign features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are your donors’ online payments safe, your money is stored securely until you’re ready to request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer. We’re SSL certified, so all sensitive information with regards to your credit card/debit card/net banking details stay safe with us.
    • What about the amount I owe Ketto?
      It’s FREE to raise funds on Ketto. Find out more about it here.
    • How will my donors know my intention?
      We’re an open platform! We encourage transparency in every way. You can put regular updates on your campaign page so you’ve updated your backers and won the trust of potential funders too.

    What is ‘Ketto Assured’? Is Ketto Genuine?

    It’s a seal of approval that verifies the legitimacy and validity of campaigns operating on the site.

    Ketto is dedicated to raise funding only to legitimate and certified initiatives. All of the papers that are posted to the crowdfunding page are verified by Ketto. Within the agreed time frame, all monies received are sent to the beneficiary (as listed on the campaign website).

    • What is ‘Ketto Assured’?
      It’s a badge of assurance that confirms the authenticity and credibility of campaigns running on the platform. Ketto is committed to raising funds only for genuine and verified campaigns. All raised funds are transferred to the beneficiary (beneficiary listed on the campaign page) within the promised time, after deducting Ketto’s fees and other charges.

    • How is a beneficiary verified by Ketto?
      All campaigners at are required to enter an agreement to raise funds for the listed beneficiary only (beneficiary which is listed on the

      campaign page). Before starting a campaign, all campaigners undergo a rigorous verification process

      based on the submitted legal identity proofs and other supporting documents.

    • How are my donations protected?
      Donations made on Ketto are protected and the process of refund is made convenient for donors. Donors can easily request for a refund on making a donation to a campaign by visiting Ketto and navigating to their donation dashboard through the hamburger menu present at top right corner. Donor can ask for updates on the campaign by clicking “Ask for update button/link” present on the campaign page they donated to. Additionally, we also encourage our campaigners to post timely updates on the progress of their campaign.

    • Is my identity information secured when i donate to Ketto?
      We at Ketto give utmost importance to safety. Ketto understands that you care about how your information is used and shared. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards with respect to the collection, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable donor and campaigner information.

    • How is my payment/donation secured?
      All Payments are secured via 128-bit encryption. Ketto assures you that the information you provide is completely protected and that your donations are safe. Our secure-server software encrypts all your personal information like name, number, email and address. The encryption process takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are then securely transmitted over the internet to the payment gateways.

    Why a donor need not worry whether Ketto is genuine?

    • How do I know the campaigner is authentic?
      No matter how much we monitor and control, there’s no way to be 100% sure that a Ketto campaign page contains accurate or truthful information. Donors should make a payment only if they personally know and trust the campaigner and his/her cause. Ideally, donors should not contribute to campaigns unless they fully understand and trust the cause.

    • Umm, I have questions about the campaign. Who do I ask Is Ketto Genuine??
      We believe in complete transparency. If you have absolutely any concerns about the campaign, you can shoot questions, give suggestions, and directly get in touch with the campaign owner via email or comments. If you have any doubts on the authenticity of the campaign we recommend that you don’t contribute to such a campaign

    • What if you send my information to random parties?
      All the information you submit while making a donation is for safety and security purposes. We prevent unauthorized access. So don’t worry about your information being circulated.

    • What if my donation never makes it to its true beneficiary?
      With Ketto, the money you donate goes to the bank account associated with the fundraiser’s campaign once the campaigner request to withdraw the funds. There’s no meddling. We assure you!

    • Why do you not provide the beneficiary direct contact no?
      You can get in touch with the individual directly using the contact us button. The beneficiary if interested can also list their no on the campaign page if they wish to. Due to privacy concerns and privacy law we cannot directly share the phone nos of any user on the Ketto platform. Also one of the major reasons why users don’t directly share their contact nos is the high no of spam calls and messages they get when their campaign is running.

    I have more questions like Is Ketto Genuine?
    If you have any concerns apart from these, we’re just an email away. Write to

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