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Assitej India is a Non-profit making organisation working in the field of theatre for Children and young people. Assitej India's goal is to provide Children Quality, educating and healthy entertainment which is their right. At a time where art intervention has entered school education Assitej India is becoming a bridge between Theatre and education to put them in touch with each other. Its also providing a platform for Indian artists to create professional work for children by providing them, training, exposure, connection with counterparts from Indian and abroad.


Tifli is our Unique festival that bring 15 performances from India and abroad to showcase best of TYA (Theatre for Young audience) for Children. It is also rendezvous for like minded from across the globe. Tifli invites 15000-20000 children to witnessed these shows in a span of one week. Apart from performances it features art competitions, Workshops, Training for artists, School teachers etc.

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    Tifli-International TYA festival

    by Assitej India

    "Tifli" , seeking support to sustain an international platform providing educating and entertaining theatre for Children