Nanhi Pari Foundation

Andheri, Mumbai, India


Nanhi Pari foundation is a non-sectarian and nonpolitical affiliated equal opportunity organization. Our aim is to enable and uplift girl child in India creating impact on the ground that will transform lives in India. Our objective is to create a world in which every girl child has the right to live and thrive.

We work in areas of girl child education and medical support.

Nanhi Pari strives to work in areas currently neglected or with poor living conditions. Our medical projects include funding operation/medical costs for girls. We fund projects that are almost always overlooked or ignored. Our goal for 2016 includes reaching out and impacting 5000 girl child from the urban poor section of our society.

Our appeal is to everyone out there who believe every living being has the right to live and we call out every concerned Indian citizen to step forward and give these girls a new dawn!! 


Total Amount Raised

  1. Help Rashi Fight Major Heart Defect

    by Naresh Pardeshi

    Nanhi Pari Rashi is suffering from ASD(Atrial septal defect)




  2. Help Abida Sultana Fight Blood Cancer

    by Nanhi Pari Foundation

    3 year old needs funds to fight blood cancer.

    Raised 3,25,049 72%





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